Hi Capricorn and Capricorn Sun moon rising and Venus you with a mirror from a mirror This is your monthly reading for March time flexible I’m shooting in order of popularity of previous months videos in the form of views So if you want to get your video seen more share them out, so you’re gonna get more Up to the top of the queue or the line. So Capricorn here we go Capricorn Let’s have a look and see what’s coming up for you Alright Capricorn. Ah, I am picking up an S. Sounding name like a Sam Sammy Samuel Sam Sun set some it could even be a brand name like a company that you work for or that you’re going to work for or a Place where you’re going to meet somebody and it can be an S sounding name so it could be the name of a mall a name of a store a name of a shop cafe or a name of a person s First or set the second name can be the last name as well That was coming in very strongly in the pre shuffle So, let’s have a look for you Capricorn what’s coming up I’m also picking up an F sounding name as well like Frederic fair enough. It can also be a pH sound Philippe Philip ah Phoebe Federica Francisco, Frankie Frank Fritz F sounding a name pH or F as well So that can be applicable to some of you watching this video Okay Capricorn what energies do we have for you? Okay, so you’re reaping what you’re sowing. You’re having a lovely time with? Bringing this beautiful money abundance into your life. So you will be seeing financial rewards this month. I feel Without jumping card. Let’s have a look at a spread for you Okay All right Mmm, very nice Okay Okay, there’s an element of air around your air signs Gemini Libra Aquarius it could be that this person needs your help or they’re coming to you for advice or they’re Needing some financial help in some way. They could have some ailment illness injury Some sort of issue that is coming up around them. It could also be somebody Around your workplace as in also a client. So if you do work with a lot of people or regular clients, you might hear from This particular client a number of times moving forward in the month I’m also picking up something around the medical field as well So they could have had some sort of an injury some sort of a an issue physically that they need help with Okay. Well, they might just need advice. If it’s a friend of yours. They might just need advice For some sort of issue that they’re going through. It could be a physical issue. I’m feeling more than anything for some of you Capricorn’s that are tuning into this video Okay There may be a situation here also where you are consulting legal person legal advice It could also be something to do with Getting a compensation It could have been that you were in a car accident or some sort of an injury accident In the past and you’re actually going to get compensated for it because the queen of swords can also to me mean a lawyer Or somebody who is going to give you legal advice Okay, but we’re going to clarify that so some of you watching it’s quite specific Not all of you are going to relate to that are going to have some sort of claim that you are Going to be getting back and sometimes these claims can be going on for months. So you might be just seeing this claim now I feel like this celebration and I also feel like there’s a Relationship that of either just met or have been involved with for the last maybe six weeks Or six months or you’ve just met this person recently Or this person’s energy is coming in around you There’s a love interest coming forward that is going to give you a lot of happiness a lot of success a lot of abundance also with this person For those of you who cannot relate to the lover coming in it could be also a business partnership as well Because we do have a money outcome here and it’s looking very prosperous So there could be somebody collaborating with you in a business sense Who is going to help you bring in more finances around you? If you are an entrepreneur or working in a manager managerial situation or a managerial field you are going to be shaking up some of your employees or The people that you are working with some of them will be leaving and you’ll be getting new people on board you might need to let go of certain people who are not performing and those of people who are performing you are going to keep them on or You might have just to change out and a turnaround of a multitude of people in your life So it could be to do with lovers it could be to do with dating it could be to do with work interests but I do feel that there is going to be some sort of a shake-up, if for some reason and I don’t like to give negative predictions about anything if for some reason It you know, any sort of injury situation is a warning. I’d just be careful. Just be careful where you’re putting your feet Where you’re walking? if you’re walking on ice or slippery ground or Driving as well. Just be careful and I feel like if you if you do hear the warning then nothing is going to happen but it could have been just a warning just to be a little bit careful not to take any risks in general just over this month through March Okay Yeah, don’t put yourself in any situations especially those people I’m seeing a lot of snow around who are living in the snow and walking around in the snow and ice don’t put yourself in any situations, that could be 50/50 just go on the cautious side of everything right now and that could be also just moving through February and into March it might not even be in March. It might have been be just in February. Okay As it is a general reading it’s going to only apply to some people watching. Okay, there could be an isolating in around you an element of strength and an element of power an Element of love the lover that you might be bringing in could be a Leo, okay It could be a Leo male or female doesn’t matter Let’s have a look at this Queen of swords what’s going on? Okay If you are getting divorced from somebody or getting a settlement from someone You might have sued somebody for something else for damages. It could have even been Property damages they could have damaged something in your property. They could have You know defamed you in some way you might have sued somebody in the past and it’s coming about now So you are going to get a payout from that if that’s what it is. It could have been the king of cups So it could have been that you sue this man who is a cancer Scorpio Pisces I feel like he might be more likely to be a Scorpio for whatever reason So you might have be receiving a settlement from him if he is somebody that you have separated from in the past then He will be somebody who will be compensating you for something now and with the help of a legal person or a moderator in some capacity Okay. Mm-hmm Moving forward we’ve got some really nice elements here of love Success happiness abundance marriage also so some of you who are single looking for marriage You will be getting married in the next three months I feel it’s coming up in three months or it’s inside three months or you’re getting engaged in three months There’s a there’s an element of it around spring/summer Especially a high summer so you could be planning summer wedding and I am picking up the month of August as well Okay Well, you’re going to be living with that person by August or in August There is an offer coming to you from far away so it could be a business offer there could be a mail he is Not old and he’s not young I feel like he’s kind of around his 30s or 40s and he could be making you an offer for some sort of business situation He could be also helping you with a website he could be involved in Import-export goods and services over the seas. He could be involved with some sort of service that you provide and he is going to help you get it out there and it’s going to bring you a lot of momentum a lot of success a lot of Blessings as well. So I feel like if you have been working on something with this person the project will be done so if you have been Waiting for this thing to be completed. It will be finished And it’s going to be finished in the next Month I feel up to three months at the very most it will be finished. It could be three weeks or three months Okay Okay, let’s have it let’s clarify the lovers and just see what comes up around the lovers Some of you will be marrying somebody quite wealthy as well so If you cross watching you could be the leo marrying the Capricorn or the Capricorn is Going to marry somebody quite wealthy, okay? Let’s have a look and see The lovers clarify the lovers Mm-hmm. All right, so This could be somebody Useful younger than you somebody who is an air sign a Gemini Libra Aquarius Who? Has sort of zoomed into your life for some of you I feel it’s going to be just an encounter a fling Sort of a brief romance it’s also saying to be careful not to get pregnant because this person might leave you if they can’t handle the Situation there could be immature To be able to handle a situation of that nature. So It’s saying just to be careful not to get pregnant. I Feel like this person could be a Gemini more than anything more than the other other two signs and This person could be a traveler it could be somebody who’s come into your area and is moving through it could be somebody who travels for work or business and is Outside your area and then comes back in and around you so you’re not really sure what this person is up to I’m feeling like they’re kind of like a free spirit I would be definitely looking and seeing what they’re about before getting involved with them. So if you don’t know this person then If you’ve just come out of a marriage or a serious relationship, you could have a fling with this person Okay, but I don’t feel it’s the person that you’re going to end up with or end up in this committed relationship with I feel Like they could be younger than you or up to the age of 29 if you’re under the age of 29 Let’s have a look at this ace of cups Yeah, we’ve got more more air signs here, okay, so there’s definitely an air sign around you okay, so even if this This person here is the same as this one. He may not be that young Okay, you could also be a male as well. You could be the male if you’re looking for a male Energy if you’re Capricorn You could be also a combination of the king of swords and a Capricorn if you’ve got air in your chart Then you’re going to relate to that. But other than that this king of swords is Travelling he’s a traveler. He’s in and out. Okay, and you’re not going to accept his offer It might be that you’re in love with this person or you feel like you could be in love with this person But I feel like you’re not going to accept his offer. I feel like his offer. It’s not on solid ground and You’ve got other offers coming in you’ve got other cups that are being looked at here So the king of swords is moving on it could also be for some of you the person that you get divorced with or get settled from or Get some sort of severance around here could be the one that wants to get back with you but you’ve already Detached yourself from him and you’ve already moved forward and moved on so The king of swords or the air sign person is in your past, okay He’s in you he’s in your past or he will be in your past in the near future Okay, let me have a look at this this is one of the best cards in the deck coming in This is a beautiful card nine of Pentacles This is you know in your finery feeling like you have everything that you want to need having your opulence This is moving into the future. This is moving into the you know, inside three months I mean these readings can go up to three months even though You know, it’s a monthly reading We’ve got the Sun which is beautiful. We’ve got the home that could be a Virgo that you’re attracting into your life and We’ve also got the ten of Pentacles So, you know, there’s marriage there. There’s opulences moving in with this person as being with them. The son is happiness Feeling fabulous feeling like there’s abundance in this relationship Who is this person? And what do we need to know about this person in this situation? For the nine of Pentacles Okay, so this person could be a fellow earth sign as I said it could be a Virgo Capricorn or Taurus okay, and same-sex relationship female could a female Fellow earth sign cook this is you also Capricorn female but it can also represent you can interchange the sexes with the different cards So it can it can be also a male Earth sign as well. Somebody who works very hard. I feel like they also Are intuitively guided towards you. I feel they’re also quite intuitive or psychic They have a very strong intuition that could also be you and also telling you to trust your intuition about this Encounter with this person or about this situation with this relationship because it is going to open Up and you will see it in full full flow I feel in the next few weeks to the next two or three months moving forward Okay So let’s have a look for Capricorn. What else do we need to see here for Capricorn for the month of March moving forward? Okay Capricorn, what have we got for you What are picking up a Jay sounding name? Like a Gareth Glen Gary Greg? Glenda G first or second name Okay So this is you Capricorn you’re taking back your power and control in a situation You could have this man around you. He could be a mature man who was trying to control You could be a father father figure could be a husband or some sort of male person coming in around you you might feel that he’s controlling but We could we only allow you know, we allow people to control us or not to you know what I mean? The fair male coming in if you are looking for a male This Matan male could be the one that is coming in around you for serious Relationship somebody who is lightish for their cultural background if they’re African descent. They’re going to be lighter than darker if they’re East Indian They’re going to be wait ish. And if they are Caucasian, they’ll be fair and lighter colored hair or eyes or both Blonde female this could be you Somebody who’s naturally blonde wears a wig naturally red hair or is dyeing their hair a lighter color This can also signify for me the California girl and I also see this girl as more of a Texas girl as well Kind of like a Midwest girl too. So this could be signifying that you might be attracting somebody from the Midwest or California or You could have a connection with somebody from those places or in those places the courting man somebody who’s wearing a business suit for work somebody who is Could wear a uniform as well a captain? military personnel Somebody who wants to have a family create a family with you So I feel like for some of you This is going to be this man that you already know that you could be getting untangled from Okay, and some of you it’s going to be a new man around you so it could be that you are Trying to unravel yourself from this web that you’re in with this person and Move forward into somebody else. I kind of feel like the young the fair male is different from the mature man in this case So I feel like the fair male is to come in He will come in in a way that is courting you this could be the ex trying to get back as well So this could be the king of swords who’s trying to get back with you. It could be an ex that still wants to be with you and he or Possibly she will try to get back with you, but I don’t feel that you’re going to accept the offer Courting man can also be a bank or somebody in finance a real estate agent can also be somebody in sales sales rep pharmaceuticals Etc What else do we need to know for Capricorn For some of you Capricorn females there is a man who’s fixated on you so he could be really wanting to be with you and have a family with you or He might be still attached to what you have in the past But I feel like you’ve moved on I feel like you don’t want to be with this person anymore I feel like it’s been and done and he had his chance, but somehow he blew it and I think he I’m picking up the word neglect. So I feel like he hasn’t really put the effort into the relationship it’s it’s too little too late and You’ve switched out from him you’ve switched off you no longer really want to see him you could actually have Children from him if you have been married to this person or or living with them Even if you haven’t lived with him, then you might have had a child with him But he’s come back in around too little too late. He could be the Traveling Salesman as well okay, so he might have come back in thinking that okay now he’s ready for something and You’re not you no longer interested in this person. You’ve kind of moved on you’ve switched it up So there’s somebody new coming in the cards are not giving us a full description of this person We’ve got mystery around it the Hermit the High Priestess. So the cards are not giving us the full disclosure so we just have to wait and see wait and see who shows up and Who this fabulous abundant magical? Connection is with because it’s going to give you everything that you’ve ever wanted and more and it’s I feel it’s super positive So it could be a situation where we need to clear out. What’s not no longer serving us so we can move forward Into the future with somebody new so lots of love and blessings Capricorn. Take care. Have a beautiful month ahead. Ciao for now

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