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hi I’m Michael Sandler we’re talking about different topics in bankruptcy a question I get a lot from chapter 13 clients is can i modify my mortgage while in chapter 13 the answer is a very strong yes you can in fact I’ve had a lot of chapter 13 clients who have been able to actually close their chapter 13 case because the reason they filed in the first place was because they’re behind on the mortgage and after they modify the mortgage typically want more formally modifies your mortgage they’ll take whatever the arrears are and put on the back end of the loan bringing the loan current I’m so what a lot of people thought chapter 13 and say six months or a year in case they’re able to get a modification approved most of their debt is gone so they’re able to dismiss the case so the answer is yes just because you file bankruptcy doesn’t mean you don’t have options to deal with your mortgage company and renegotiate the terms you can’t for step change in that mortgage terms through the bankruptcy laws but you are free to modify or refinance the loan yourself so don’t think that you have to also those options before filing bankruptcy and wind until the last minute when a foreclosure is going to occur you can file bankruptcy and still modify the mortgage I’m Michael Sandler if you have questions about your case please give me a call or send me an email to wodbridge bankruptcy atttorney

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