C. L. I. F. S2 警徽天职 2 – Ep 12

What took you so long? Yuqi, what’s got you so anxious? Zhenwei hasn’t been home for three days Did he go gambling again? I’m washing my hands of him! But after he left to
drive the taxi that day, I’ve not heard from him since I can’t reach him on his phone either Did you call the taxi company? I did. No one has seen him
in the past three days He may be addicted to gambling, but he’s never stayed away from home Where is Yun’en? She’s still at her grandma’s place Zhenwei must have gone on the run Don’t let your thoughts run wild Could he have skipped town
and gone overseas? Check if his clothes and
passport are still around I’ll do that now His clothes are still here His passport? His passport is here He is still in the country Make a police report Make a police report? Better not Why won’t you go to the police? He may be gambling somewhere Help me find him, won’t you? J1R1A to Ops Room, overSend overCame across one empty
silver-coloured taxi SHC 6929 X Blood stain found on driver’s seat
and front windscreen, overRogerIsn’t this Zhenwei’s taxi? This taxi belongs to Liu Zhenwei? I remember the licence plate number Jolin, Kastle Meyer Reagent Positive, Sir That’s a lot of blood Blood volume accounts for
about 8% of the human weight The average adult male
has 5 litres of blood A loss of more than 30% of blood volume… will place one’s life in danger If the blood inside the taxi
belonged to one person, this person would have died
from excessive bleeding I found some tobacco shreds
under the seat Let’s send them to the lab You found Zhenwei’s taxi? We found it at a multi-storey car park Where is Zhenwei? Did you manage to find Zhenwei? We didn’t find him But we found blood stain inside his taxi Blood stain? Yuqi, are you all right? The last time you saw Zhenwei, did you notice anything amiss? No… Has something happened to Zhenwei? Zhenwei hasn’t been found, so he may still appear before us Don’t be too worried Did this broken piece come from a vase? How did it end up broken? I accidentally broke the vase
while cleaning the flat I searched the car park and
found nothing suspicious No CCTVs installed at the car park either The lab report confirms that the
blood stain belonged to Liu Zhenwei So much blood was lost.
Could it be robbery-cum-murder? Liu Zhenwei was steeped in debt Could his creditors have killed him? Loan sharks gain nothing
from killing their debtors So that’s an unlikely scenario Besides the blood stain, tobacco shreds were found on
the right side of the driver’s seat Liu Zhenwei could have
smoked inside the taxi I understand from Lantian
that Liu Zhenwei was a non-smoker Lab report confirms the cigarette
was low-grade red tobacco Red tobacco? The type which
the smoker would roll up the leaves? That’s right. Its users are
usually the elderly According to Lantian,
Liu Zhenwei doesn’t smoke But we found tobacco shreds
inside the taxi Was someone else behind the wheel? I also reckon that someone was rolling
the cigarette while driving the taxi, hence the tobacco shreds I interviewed the last passenger
to board Liu Zhenwei’s taxi He booked and boarded the taxi
at Meili Road at around 6.15 pm He alighted at Boling Road after 20 minutes He could recall the time,
but not the driver’s face If the driver wasn’t Liu Zhenwei,
he might just be the murderer What else have you got? I checked with Chen Yuqi’s neighbours A neighbour saw Chen Yuqi and
her husband engage in a fierce fight The neighbour was walking past
when he heard the quarrel So he stopped in his tracks Give it up? Only when I’m dead! Then drop dead! Fine! You want me dead? Bring it on! Don’t try me -Go ahead! What? Yuqi hit and injured Zhenwei? When I asked her about the
broken vase piece at her place, she claimed she’d broken it accidentally I remember that.
Why did you ask her about it? I found her acting unnatural, like
she was hiding something from us Guohuang shared that… she’d kept her injuring
Liu Zhenwei from us It could have slipped her mind I need to take her statement
and search her place You suspect that Yuqi killed Zhenwei? No way Let the evidence determine the outcome Given your relationship with Chen Yuqi,
I think you should be taken off the case Did you have a fierce argument
with Liu Zhenwei? Please tell us what happened You may tell me Yes… He was a heavy gambler So I asked for a divorce After getting discharged
from the hospital, I decided to move back to my mother’s When I refused to let him
contest for child custody, we started fighting In the end, I smashed a vase at him What happened next? I was upset and went home to my mum We’ll have to search your place Mrs Liu, please give me the key Ma’am Look at this The sum assured is $500,000
and the beneficiary is Chen Yuqi I’ve forgotten about this insurance policy Positive Why are there blood stains on the knife? What happened between
Liu Zhenwei and you? I… I went back to my mum’s
with my daughter We were at my mum’s for two days… when Zhenwei called me,
threatening to commit suicide I got worried and rushed backI stepped into the flat,only to see a messy living roomEmpty beer cans were left on the floorThen I heard sounds
coming from the kitchenI quickly made my way thereZhenwei I thought you were never coming back Why are you doing this to yourself? I’m sorry It’s all my fault I shouldn’t indulge in gambling, much less borrow from loan sharks again I promise I will change Let’s not get a divorce You promised you’d quit gambling
many times already But not once did you keep to it! I’ve let you down many times But I really want to quit gambling
for good this time round Give me a break I won’t be fooled by you again I swear that… Zhenwei! Please, I beg of you Let Yun’en and I have a stable life Don’t go! -Let go Let go… You doubt my determination
to quit gambling, eh? What are you doing?! With my fingers gone,
I can never gamble again Did you have to do this?! Don’t leave me Don’t leave me So he hurt himself Yes So why did you hide the knives? He wanted to kill himself I was worried he’d act foolishly, so I put away the knives Oh yeah? Yes I was afraid that he’d hurt himself If that were really the case, why didn’t you say a word of it to Ma’am? What else are you keeping from us? I didn’t bring it up as I didn’t want
to air dirty laundry in public You’re lying You had a motive to kill No! I didn’t kill Zhenwei Liu Zhenwei was heavily insured You’ll get a payout upon his death Secondly, Liu Zhenwei was
contesting you for child custody Once he’s dead, no one will
fight with you over your daughter No… That’s not it This is the truth You killed Liu Zhenwei No… I didn’t kill Zhenwei I killed no one. I am innocent… Here’s your final chance Where is Liu Zhenwei’s body? I didn’t… Speak! -I did not…
-Where did you dump the body?! I didn’t kill anyone.
I did not kill Zhenwei… I’m telling you to talk! You may go now I did not… I didn’t kill him But you had a motive to kill What’s more, you don’t have an alibi We’ll have to keep you under custody I know that I tend to get worked up
when I take statements these days As an investigation officer, we should treat every suspect
with equality and fairness Until we get a clearer picture, pursue every lead we may find Never condemn a suspect as the murderer Are you still affected by Ailin’s death? Of course not I may miss Ailin badly, but I’ve accepted that she’s gone But from what I see, you’re
just suppressing your emotions You’ve not got over her death, hence the mood swings It’s just that I can’t accept that… Chen Yuqi would harm
even her loved one, so I lost my cool You’re being too quick to judge We don’t even know if Liu Zhenwei
is dead or how he died What makes you think
Chen Yuqi is the prime suspect? She’s been lying to the police
from the word go She even put away
a knife with blood stains She had her eyes on the insurance payout, so she decided to kill her own husband We all thought the guy behind
the nuisance posters also killed Ailin Had we stubbornly pursued that guy, the real murderer might
have got away scot-free Ailin would have been denied
the justice due to her I’m sorry. I’ll watch myself in future You’ve not gone for counselling for a while Have a talk with
our in-house psychologist Perhaps it’ll help you unwind Ma’am, I am really fine I’ll look at the psychologist’s evaluation… before putting you back on the field -I feel that…
-That’s all. You are excused Yes, Ma’am Thank you for your co-operation We’ll come by again
if we have further questions You must find out the truth.
Yuqi will never kill Grandma! Grandma… Has Mummy come back? Yun’en, we still have questions
for your mummy She won’t be back so soon I want my mummy.
Mummy loves Daddy a lot She would never hurt Daddy She’ll cry whenever
she thinks of Daddy Auntie, bring her in I’ll have a talk with the neighbours You heard it too Yuqi cares a lot for Zhenwei I don’t believe that
Yuqi would kill Zhenwei Words alone can’t save her now We must find Zhenwei… and the last person he was in contact with HelloHello, Yaojia. Remember where you’re
supposed to go to after work today?HomeAren’t you supposed to
go to the bridal shop?Really? With whom?Tang Yaojia, if you don’t turn up,
I’ll marry someone elseOK I wouldn’t forget such
an important appointmentSee you at the bridal shop. ByeBye Was that Xinyi? How are things between Xinyi and you? Good I proposed to her She said yes That’s wonderful You’ve gone for a few physio sessions.
How has it been? My legs… and my hands… have become stronger That’s good I told you if you keep up with the physio, you’ll be on the road to recovery Here It’s OK. We have another cup Let’s have the noodles Let me feed you I don’t want it anymore Let’s wipe your mouth I can do it myself Looks like… My condition has worsened HelloHelloI’m sorry. A case came along I can’t be there I see… It’s OK, get on with your work Why? The groom won’t be coming? He can’t be here today Never mind, let’s try on a few gowns.
I’ll show him the prettiest one Look at you. I bet
it’s about your girlfriend I proposed to Xinyi That’s a good thing! So
why are you looking so down? You got rejected? It’s OK to fail at the first attempt Go for it again. You can do it She said yes Then why are you looking like this? Dr Chow said this to me one day I’d beaten him to knowing Xinyi, or he’d have wooed Xinyi So you proposed to Xinyi to
keep the pathologist at arm’s length I proposed to Xinyi
without much thought But having collected my thoughts, I am worried That shows you still care for her So what’s stopping you? What if I have the
same disease as my brother? What then? You don’t take marriage lightly I know I don’t wish to be a burden to Xinyi Yet I fear losing her You should be upfront with Xinyi Let her decide You can’t drag your heels over it Talk to her Let’s eat Hello Another taxi driver got robbed? Yuxia, a taxi driver was robbed
along Upper Thomson Road Send our men over OK This is SIO Tang Yaojia Request HQ to inform patrol cars along
Upper Thomson Road to look out A taxi has been hijacked The licence plate number is… SHD 6353 B SHD 6353 BThe taxi driver said…the robber wasn’t wearing gloves But we found no fingerprintsNow, how did the fingerprints disappear?The robber would claim he needed
to throw up while inside the taxi So the driver would pull overHe’d then strike at this moment
and rob the taxi driverCCTV footage shows that…a white mini goods van was sighted
near the scene of the two robberiesI believe the mini goods van is
related to the taxi robbery casesI found tobacco shreds under the seat You believe the same perpetrator
was behind the two robberies? I suspect the robber left the
goods van at the car park first Next, he flagged down a taxi After robbing the taxi driver while
inside the taxi, he drove the taxi away He then drove back to the car park
to collect the white goods van I reckon Are you Mr Liang? -Yes Did you book a taxi with plate number
SHC 6929 X in the afternoon on 15 June? Are you a police officer? I’ve given my statement to the police Mr Liang, did you see the next person
boarding the taxi after you? No, no Was anyone waiting nearby for a taxi? I recall it now There was a taxi stand across the road
from where I alighted The taxi made a right turn
after I alighted It probably went towards the taxi stand I see… Thanks! Mister, were you waiting for
a taxi here on 15 June? Thanks Miss, were you waiting for
a taxi here on 15 June? Thanks Auntie, did you board a taxi
here on 15 June? 15 June? I did take a taxi There was a little girl’s pink accessory
displayed in the taxiThe driver said that it was
a present from his daughterWhere did you alight? Let me take you there OK! HelloThis is Sergeant Tan from E DivisionPlease proceedA suspicious white-coloured van
has been spotted…in the open car park
along Dempsey RoadOK, thank you It was here -Here? That’s right. I come here at this time
every day to visit my mother I alighted right here that day It takes 20 minutes to
get here from the taxi stand? Yes, yes! I always reach here
in about 20 minutes’ time Did you see anybody boarding the taxi? I think a man boarded
the taxi over there Thank you! You’re welcome You have a CCTV installed
behind your shop Could you show me the
video taken on that day? Target is here Got it Police! Freeze! Freeze! Turn around Put your hands on the van Your fingertips are
covered in plastic wrap No wonder no fingerprints were found! Your name? Speak! Wang Baoguang Mr Wang Baoguang, we’re investigation
officers from Tanglin Police Division We suspect your involvement
in three taxi robberies You are under arrest now Move it! Do people still smoke red tobacco? Let me out Let me out! I am innocent! Let me out For how long will you keep me here? I want to see my daughter -Let me out…
-Ma’am, what’s wrong? Let me out! I want… Open the door Ma’am Zhijie… When can I be released? I miss Yun’en. I want to see her The doctor wants you to stay relaxed Or it’ll affect the foetus Have a good rest. Don’t mull over things Have you found Zhenwei? Not yet I know nothing I say now…
will convince you I did not kill my husband Yes, he is an incorrigible gambler He’s steeped in debt Despite his many failings, he is Yun’en’s father after all He is also the father of the child
I’m carrying inside of me now So long as Zhenwei is safe and sound, and the four of us stay as a family, I can forgo everything else Yaojia arrested Wang Baoguang, a suspect
linked to a spate of taxi robberies He’s also allegedly involved in
Liu Zhenwei’s disappearance Liu Zhenwei had been missing
for three days before his taxi was found So we retrieved the CCTV footage
near the car park If we find Wang Baoguang’s van
near the car park during that period, it’ll prove his involvement in
Liu Zhenwei’s disappearance Wang Baoguang smokes red tobacco.
That makes him our prime suspect Wait… Rewind that portion Yes, Ma’am Send Wang Baoguang over for questioning Yes, Ma’am I’ve confessed to everything.
What else do you want to know? You confessed to robbing
four taxi drivers at knife point You’d drive your former employer’s van
to commit the robberies Once you found your target, you’d drive the taxi to
where you’d left the van, right? Yes. How many times
must I repeat myself? How did you miss this taxi driver? Who is he? I’ve never seen him before He is Liu Zhenwei Did you board his taxi
in an attempt to rob him? He retaliated, so you killed him I was only after their money.
Why would I kill anyone? It’s capital punishment for murder! On the 16th of this month, did you drive the van
past the car park at Anpei Road? I drove the company van using the key
I had duplicated in the past If I could do that, so could anyone So you didn’t drive the van on that day It wasn’t me Where were you on 16 June? I was feeling unwell, so I slept at home Do you have an alibi? No If that’s the case, you’ll stay in detention Officers, it wasn’t me I didn’t kill anyone! I didn’t kill anyone! Ma’am, Wang Baoguang
may not be our man The tobacco shreds
found on Wang Baoguang… did not match those found
inside Liu Zhenwei’s taxi It’s unlikely that… Wang Baoguang drove away and
smoked inside Liu Zhenwei’s taxi Wang Baoguang may not be our man, but proceed with making enquiries
at his former employer’s Find out the man behind the wheels
in the morning on 16 June Yes, Ma’am Here to see me? -Yes I heard that Yuqi had fainted
and was sent to the hospital How is she? She was agitated, but has come round.
Her unborn baby is safe That’s good. I am here on another matter It’s a new lead linked to
Zhenwei’s disappearance Based on the statement from the last
passenger who booked Zhenwei’s taxi, I found a Malay female passenger
who took the taxi after him She saw a man boarding Zhenwei’s taxi
after she alighted Jinqiang also interviewed the witness Why did he fail to find the
female passenger while you did? I asked more than ten passengers
at the taxi stand By a stroke of luck, I found her So the man she saw could be
Liu Zhenwei’s last passenger I surveyed the estate where
the lady passenger alighted I discovered a money changer had
a CCTV installed at its back entrance I got a copy of the CCTV tape
from the boss Is he the passenger? Yes. Look again Caught that? He was smoking. Then he discarded the
cigarette butt before boarding the taxi I found this cigarette butt
near the shop’s back door This man was also
smoking red tobacco If the tobacco shreds are identical to
those found inside Liu Zhenwei’s taxi, this man may be linked to
Liu Zhenwei’s disappearance Are you sure this cigarette butt
was left behind by him? I found the cigarette butt in the space
between the wall and flower pots It was sheltered from the rain Neither was it swept away by the cleaner We may even find traces of DNA This is our only lead. We’ve got to pursue it I ought to be happy that
this may just be the vital lead But I can’t agree with your
unofficial investigative work I know I’m flouting the rules But Zhenwei has gone missing
and Yuqi has been detained I’ve got to do something about it You could have tipped us off I wasn’t sure I’d get something out of it Between viewing the CCTV footage and… rushing to the scene
to search for evidence, there was no time to waste Evidence retrieved in the absence
of an investigation officer… contravenes procedures and is
deemed inadmissible by the court The defence counsel will question
the authenticity of the evidence What if you end up bungling the case? I apologize if I’ve put you in a spot But I’m leaving you with the evidence You decide how you want to proceed Zhijie, you and I are alike We joined the police force to
pursue truth and uphold justice I trust your decision Ma’am Yes? It’s the forensics report for the
case of the missing Liu Zhenwei What have you got? I took a sample of the red tobacco
you passed to me Lab tests confirm they are identical
to those inside Liu Zhenwei’s taxi I also found traces of DNA The DNA matches that of an ex-con
with a robbery record He is Gao Jingming, aged 40 He was released from prison a year ago Coming Hello. I’m Huang Zhijie from
Special Investigation Section Is Gao Jingming in? -He’s not in Is Gao Jingming your son? -Yes May we come inside? -Yes, yes Auntie, we’re going to
search your son’s room Ma’am, look at this See if his passport is still around No passport belonging to Gao Jingming He bought Indonesian rupiah yesterday He should be heading to Indonesia But he may take either
the ferry or the plane there Bintan? Ma’am, Gao Jingming bought
a ferry ticket 30 minutes ago But he’s not cleared the customs Neither has he cleared customs
at the other checkpoints Ma’am, we’ve men stationed at
all points of exit and entry… and searched all the restrooms No sign of target yet Keep it going -Yes, Ma’am Gao Jingming has
bought the ferry ticket So why hasn’t he boarded the ferry? He bought the ticket here, so he
should still be around. Search Yes, Ma’am Subtitles: A Han, MediaCorp TV

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