BULQ order | Received recalled items!!!

hello YouTube welcome back to my channel I am so sorry I've been a my a lately I am I wanted to do like a video and say you know this is what my knocked up date is and blah blah blah but I wanted to share something that's happened and before I share it I'm just gonna share something else some other news um if you follow me on my Instagram you will have possibly seen a post I made about me expecting a baby so I am expecting I am about 6 months long so um being six months along it is kind of hard right now for me to do the sourcing and all that stuff and then my husband got hurt sorry I'm in my garage or the light just went off whatever comes back on whatever so it's been hard to source and it's it's time-consuming and it's it's hard on my body I've had a couple of health issues and it just been a lot going on so I have not been sourcing the way that I would like to so I figured I would do something that would be good I've seen a couple of book videos online on YouTube saying oh you know I make money off of books sometimes and I was like you know what what do I have to lose I have money sitting in the account I have not been not been doing anything work has been busy I've not been online sourcing well the sourcing I did online hasn't really worked out for me all that great so I was like you know what why the heck not why not do something different so I ordered something off of book calm which is what I'm gonna share with you I got the shipment from bulk yesterday I ordered 24 items it was like 624 dollars or so around about I think it averages out to about 27 28 dollars an item um which based on the items that I looked at online on the website on the manifest look good I was like okay I can flip them locally because it's a lot of larger items and so today I'm going through the items that realized but this is again my first bulk order so this probably is definitely one of those learning curves that some of the items are actually recalled who the heck knew that book could tell that they called items so I am going to show you a couple of the items that are be called and again this is my garage it's a bit messy you can see tools and things in the back there's all sorts of stuff in here it's not pretty but it does the job we keep our cars in here along with now this book order which I don't I don't know what I'm gonna do I just emailed I shot off an email to bulk to see what if any recourse there is like can I have some money back because based off of what I understand now I bought an uninspected pallet of unexpected returns so I was expecting possibly damaged items items that needed some kind of something you know possibly used may be broken boxes something along those lines I was not expecting items that were recalled like that are dangerous to be used so I didn't even think to look into it until I was trying to post them on Facebook marketplace and on now called next door which just is like the local neighborhoods and then I was like oh shoot I can't sell these at all like if something happened I could be liable for it so let me show you what I got so again I'm sorry about my garage so I got five of these items of these fisher-price deluxe auto rock and play sleepers I yeah I bought I got three of these and then I got two of these ingenuity automatic rock and sooth sleepers which is like a little lamb so all of these have been recalled I also have a this bike thing that came without a you know doohickey seat got a Genuity dream comfort smart and simple player I've got a Radio Flyer bike thing some umbrella strollers another car seat some kind of bike and a changing table along with like some random junk like this razor that's been used and like this little Radio Flyer thing along and then there's this razor and this other scooter thing so and this big giant cove sand and water table thing so I don't I don't know um I think based off of what I've looked into and and this is totally my fault I realized like I didn't even think to look into it and I'm hoping that book can do something about it because I saw the pictures I saw the the buck the like to have pictures on the bulk website where they show how the items look and the palette looks and how I'm sorry I keep moving this I'm holding it and they show how the items look and how everything is so I was like okay the pictures look good the items look collected in good condition so I should be able to resell them again locally I'm not I wasn't expecting to send them into Amazon but I fail to do the research but at the same time when I was reading through the see SPC I think website I'll put the name of the website down below but I was looking at the website they were saying it is illegal to sell them unless you know that there was some kind of Correction productive action taken to make sure that whatever flaw these items had would have been fixed so I don't know if it has I doubt it honestly I I doubt that they've been fixed and I'm kind of annoyed that I want purchased it but to that they are able to sell it to consumers or heck – to resellers even because if I'm expecting to be able to resell them but maybe they're even not able to be so them you know I don't know in my mind it makes no sense that they were able to sell them to me to begin with so I'm annoyed I'm still annoyed but hey it's a learning experience I guess so I wanted to come on and just kind of share this experience I will let you guys know what happens what they come back with because I think that's important to kind of know what you get yourself into I'm so sorry about the slide it just keeps going up on and off but yeah it's just kind of annoying that I got this pallid thinking maybe some items I wouldn't be able to sell because of the condition to now be like well this is not I guess it's a condition issue I don't know it's not necessarily a condition issue is just the fact that the items are illegal to be sold unless they have been remedied by the by the I guess the the company so I'll let you know what they find out what I hear back from in regards to this situation and yeah so let's see how this resell anything still continues to go on I do want to continue doing it I have a couple big items I was able to source yesterday not huge because again I'm giant and I mean heck even sitting here this garage is making me breathe like a crazy whale woman something so ah I hope this works it out if you guys have any information on this I would greatly appreciate any comments down below any experiences that you may have had with this because I this is my first book order ever and I was expecting items that I'm able able to legally resell at least locally and you know part of that is not going to be resold at least they had those to be rock and play fisher-price rockers that were supposedly 89 dollars a piece original details like okay I can get like 50 60 bucks out of them and then digging Genuity about the same so that's like 250 books out the window that's a huge piece of what I was gonna make back that supposedly but I don't see that happening now with those so it's so annoying well thanks so much for listening again if you guys have any comments that in regards to this if this has happened to you if you know what I can do let me know I don't want to be a sore loser in a way you know I realized I didn't do the right searching for this but again I wasn't expecting this so

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