Buhari turning Nigerians into beggars Atiku reacts to country's increasing debt profile

hello ladies and gentlemen we are welcoming you all to tusen news TV today we have a trending news for you and headline read Bihari government turning Nigerians into beggars that it could react Stu country's increasing debt profile before we go on we are reminding you to subscribe in our Channel and click the bell icon that will pop up after subscribing and please share our videos and comment to tell us what you think about our news thank you and God bless you all let us go to the news attic who Abubakar 2019 Peoples Democratic Party PDP presidential candidate on Wednesday lamented the increasing debt profile of Nigeria under the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration there was a Riyadh amar WA said the country's increasing debt profile was becoming more than a source of concern adding that the current administration was turning Nigerians into beggars in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday by his media aide Paul i'p the former vice president observed that the situation was now at the stage where all genuine lovers of Nigeria ought to raise an alarm the statement reads on May 29 2015 our national debt profile was at a very healthy 12 trillion however after four years of profligate spending and even more irresponsible borrowing our national debt doubled to twenty four point three trillion by December 2018 as alarming as this is what is more troubling is that between December 2018 and March 2019 the administration of general Bari added medicinal and unprecedented 560 billion debt to our national debt profile what could this junta have needed that amount for if you take those dates into account they fall on the period of electioneering when monies were freely distributed by officials of this government in the name of trader mony and other election gimmicks that were discontinued after the election we find it inconceivable that Nigeria could have had such unprecedented borrowings in the midst of almost unimaginable sorrowing which resulted in our nation becoming the world headquarters for extreme poverty and the global capital of art of schoolchildren even as we slipped in the corruption perception index of transparency international as someone who headed the National Economic Council that paid off Nigeria's entire debt under the visionary leadership of President Olusegun Obasanjo at a coup Abubakar has the moral authority to call those who are turning Nigeria into a beggar nation to halt the drift into unsustainable borrowing we cannot continue to borrow to pay salaries and support luxuries already over 50% of our revenue is going towards debt servicing not even debt repayments we raise this alarm as responsible citizens and call on other lovers of Nigeria to speak up as we have no other nation to call our home but Nigeria before we go please we request that you subscribe in our Channel and introduce your friends in our channel let them subscribe as soon as we get to 10,000 subscriber we will give away 15000 naira each to 3 people that is always commenting and sharing our videos so please invite as many people you can invite to our channel as we need to get to 10,000 subscribers in a few weeks time thank you and god bless you all

3 thoughts on “Buhari turning Nigerians into beggars Atiku reacts to country's increasing debt profile

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