three-two-one what's up everyone dan here crypto capital venture June 20th 2019 I hope you're doing well Bitcoin to ten thousand everybody's talking about it it's almost like you can't do enough videos about it it's a huge area so many are watching I want to talk about this this pattern that we're in right now right we're going on around 39 days according to this chart the similarities between back here in the beginning of May and right here back here leading to around 60 percent gains for Bitcoin well something similar happened it's what I want to dig into I want to look at the similarities let's jump into the charts this is the daily chart we're gonna dig into the patterns in a second but first I wanted to start on a daily look at momentum where is Bitcoin in terms of the similarities right we have this area around May 8th May 9th when Bitcoin really started to move and I want to compare these areas because that's kind of where we are today right so we go to May 8th May 9th we can first look at the RSI so here's the RSI the slower moving very reliable indicator that we use often on this channel and you can see Bitcoin getting kind of this bounce off the 70 line and and and beginning its move up into that overbought territory eventually seeing resistance close to 90 on the RSI before consolidation similarly right now Bitcoin approaching that 70 line on the RSI little bit of upward momentum so a lot of similarities there in terms of Bitcoin right compared to where we are now in terms of momentum let's let's look at this stock RSI this slower moving momentum oscillator I'll open it up so here we are now we're in that overbought area on the daily right and you might be thinking well it's it's never a good thing to really be in that overbought territory but if you're if you're really using the charts at four-hour included in in finding synergies of Bitcoin in recent moves you get an idea that it doesn't always have to be in oversold before we get a move up often you'll see Bitcoin move very strongly while it's in overbought territory right so let's go to that May 8th May 9th territory that we're comparing and you can see where bitcoin was then before getting a 60% move or so to the upside right similarly Bitcoin in terms of momentum in that same area so that's a stock RSI and lastly I want to look at the similarities on the MACD let's open up the MACD and let's see where bitcoin was in that may 8th May 9th area and you can see here's the beginning of May right here we're getting that MACD cross right here above the signal line and then May 8th May 9th right around here just seeing some upper momentum just got done crossing zero on the histogram everything looking nice on the MACD similarly what was this date June 15th not too long ago five days ago getting the MACD cross of the signal line upward momentum above zero in the histogram again similarities in terms of Bitcoin momentum on the daily and not saying that this is going to lead into 60% gains but when these indicators were lining up this way back in May that is what happened let's go to the 4-hour let's check it out so in terms of the four-hour the 4-hour does a good good job of displaying what we've been through thus far and the patience involved right we compared this pattern back here a rising wedge broke through the bottom trendline eventually turned into a busted a busted wedge right completed that pattern bullish move for Bitcoin took 36 days of kind of waiting and seeing what's going to happen similarly this this pattern that we've been in and we've been tracking on this channel 39 days right it broke to the bottom trendline we didn't we didn't hit a target to the downside we actually started getting momentum back up again right we have this 50 moving average cross below the 200 for a second on the 4-hour not for a second but briefly and then back up and similarly back here 50 moving average almost approaching 200 and then back up right so so many so many similarities in Bitcoin and what it was doing now from a pattern perspective again so many similarities let's first just look at what bitcoin was back in this this area beginning of May that we've been tracking here's that May 8th May 8th May 9th area that we just looked at this is a big move for Bitcoin but you see we have a few higher lows here we have some resistance to supper Trent this upper trendline resistance at Bitcoin kind of saw and it almost looks like an ascending triangle confluence with this longer-term trend line right and then finally Bitcoin broke through it now similarly what we have Bitcoin doing a little different but very similar is a similar pattern this is the 4-hour chart we have these higher lows we have these this upper trend line which is a horizontal trend line forming this ascending triangle now it's not it's not confluent with this upper trendline as was the last pattern that we just checked out but it's very close to this lower trendline right so there's a lot going on in this area from like ninety four hundred to ninety eight hundred dollars and again the similarities are crazy when you look at Bitcoin on these charts on these two different patterns that we have right now so right now what we're looking at really is on the four-hour we can really track this this smaller ascending triangle let's see what happens in this area I mean we're really we're we're right there I guess I can move this let me fix this line so that 9352 9400 is just a really big area right now we're trading above it I want to see how this four-hour closes and if we get continued upward momentum but this is a really good pattern to watch if you're if you're like me and you like watching you know the four hour I don't like going any shorter than the four hour I like to see the consistencies the strength of Bitcoin in terms of closing for our bars and this is the first one I'll be watching today but that's pretty much it targets to the upside obviously we have a lot we have a lot of different targets the shorter term target which would be this ascending triangle actually is right around $10,000 $10,000 would be the area of resistance not just because it's a mental number but there's also confluence with this long-term trend line that goes all the way back to beginning you know beginning of May when we had that last break out so that $10,000 area if we reach it could see some resistance if we if we get through that $10,000 area if the bulls are really stepping in with some strength I don't think we'll be in the ten thousands for long we might be in that environment for Bitcoin kind of goes crazy for a second and if Bitcoin goes crazy for a second not saying sixty percent gains are possible however you know to the upside hitting that that 11 or you know that twelve thousand seven hundred target that we have for this longer-term pattern definitely in play 35 percent to the upside first target though 10,000 out of this ascending triangle that's what I'm looking at on Bitcoin what are you looking at how you feeling I really appreciate you coming by if you're here and you're not a subscriber hit that subscribe button I love to have you as part of the channel I will see you in the next video have a great day and God bless

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  3. Hi Dan, been a fan of yours from before the crypto winter…..thanks for all your great content…I have learned a lot from you. Honestly I love crypto but bought and rode the wave which was painful, but recently as soon as I started seeing these huge gains after the bear market seems to have become a bull market I started selling since I was down so much thinking there must be a correction. In December 2017 I was up 5x and I did nothing. That resulted in 80% loss from my original investment…..I could of made a huge amount of money if I timed it right…..So I am not asking for advice …not allowed…..I am asking for your opinion…you are Dan the man in my opinion….lol……..I am back to break even with a decent profit …..I think I may have made the biggest mistake of my life by selling….what do you think……….love you and your channel so much…..should I be a trader or a hodler…….its crypto so the right answer is on a daily basis…lol….thanks again for all you do ….you are way underappreciated and that will change real soon

  4. I forgot this part: Litecoin will have to reach $300 by Labor Day or thereabouts. Can it do that in 9 weeks? What do you think? $300 by Labor Day and then a moon shot going into the end of the year….it's nice to think about!

  5. If Bitcoin takes out $10K it is off to the races! 2019 is shaping up to be 2017 but on steroids. And what of Litecoin? Harken back to end of August 2017. LTC was about $45. Bitcoin already began its move. But within 3 1/2 months Litecoin turned on its afterburners and soared from $45 to over $400. I suspect the same will happen in 2019 and we are looking at a potential $3,000 handle on Litecoin by end of 2019.

  6. Could you add a VPVR indicator as well? Volume profile is great to see and get what is going on. Thanx!

  7. I wonder where all the greedy people are that used to say BTC going to £2K in the comments on every video on youtube.

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  9. Reminder⛏Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!"

  10. Nice video Dan; the false bearish breakouts and bullish busted wedges are indicating a good sized move up is coming in BTC.

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