Bishop Harry Jackson -The Protective Covering of Praise and Prayer

Welcome to today’s devotional video. I’m excited about what God is doing in our midst. I believe we’re seeing an amazing miracle. As I look at you today, I’m amazed at how white my beard as it gets longer seems to be. There’s a lot of black in there somewhere and it reminds me of the fact that when my wife first went through a stem-cell transplant for a multiple myeloma kind of blood cancer that one day her hair was black, the next day they thought all this hair was going to just turn loose, she’d go bald. That didn’t happen but her whole head of hair turned as white as my beard all over shock white and that was an interesting period of time. Sometimes when we go through radical transitions we can have this radical change in our appearance and so she did various things in order not to have that appearance and I think we’re in a similar place in our nation. That what we’re going through now, no one will ever forget what happened when we dealt with the corona virus. Today, we want to stay very spiritual and prayerful. There are two realms of prayer we want to pray for. I believe that our government is coming together in the U.S. because of our prayers and that God is creating a new unity. I believe coming out of this left versus right is not the way we’re going to look at politics, politicians or things that need to be done. I think we’re going to be thinking about righteousness and justice, Psalm 89:14. Let me read this scripture. It’s Exodus chapter 22 actually Ezekiel 22, forgive me verse 30 And I sought for a man, or woman, among them, that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none. In this passage, God says the prophets, the princes and the people weren’t ready. Excuse me. Therefore there had to be a destruction of the Land of Israel. Going back to chapter 13:5, we read that yesterday where the prophets had not gone up into the gap and prayed. Now we’re not going to talk anything technical, we’re not talking anything medical, what we’re doing today is talking about the power of positive faith and prayer. I believe that God is going to do what we’ve been praying about He’s going to take our prayers and our praise and the faith component and He’s going to stop the plague. Now, we’re going to pray for New York in a moment, Washington State, also, we’re going to be praying very, very fervently that the nation’s most hard-hit regions will see the greatest manifestation of mercy, I love the scripture that says Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound. So that’s where we’re going to go. I want us to pray and then I’m come back to the United 714 prayer. Father in the Name of Jesus, we’re asking you to intervene on our behalf. Touch the most wide hit states in the union also continue to protect Maryland, DC and Virginia where most of my church members are from. Also Lord, we’re praying that those who are listening to us around the world will have the protective covering of praise and prayer and intercession. Let us be like Moses and Aaron when they were confronted they fell on the ground and they said, Lord we don’t know what to do, and You gave strategy and direction. Give strategy to our great president and the Congress and the Senate. Give strategy to both sides of the aisle that doesn’t conflict, and give us the grace of unity. I want to add in the final minute Unite 7:14 a bunch of leaders came together. I was on the opening telephone call for this and it was an amazing opportunity. Bishop Jakes and many many others came together black, white, Hispanic, folks like Samuel Rodriguez. The first week of their operation and we’re gonna go at least eight weeks calling the nation to pray the same thing in the prayer of agreement. That’s what’s going to really get it. God is going to hear our prayer, but there is a multiplied power in the prayer of agreement. So, we’re reading Matthew 6:9 -13, which says pray like this, Our Father in Heaven hallowed be thy Your Name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we also forgive or have forgiven our debtors and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. That prayer is powerful so we’re asking people all over the world to pray this way first, Thank you Lord for the power of your name. That your name is greater than any disease Second dimension of prayer, is Lord thank you for your salvation your spiritual salvation and your deliverance. Third, Lord thank you for your provision with this trillion several trillion dollar stimulus package and every other way you will bring provision Lord, thank you for your forgiveness forgive us for anything that’s untoward cause our heart to turn toward You. We know the plague will be stopped as we operate in repentance for things done this way, wrong toward God and this way wronged toward men and finally, Lord thank you for delivering us from evil and that means bad choices sinful actions of commission that we will do in omission. Lord, we thank you that America and the world are safe. We thank you that you’re going to multiply double the size of our local church and other churches in Jesus mighty Name Amen. We’ll talk to you again tomorrow, remember that overnight our whole appearance can change from black to gray from transgressor to saint. From those at risk to those being saved Overnight we can become the beautiful saints of God. I believe that is what’s happening to many of us, we’re coming under the shadow of His great wings. God bless you!

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