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10 things you didnt know about Bill Gates in this episode we are going to take a look at Bill Gates Bill Gates, a businessman, an investor, a philanthropist and the co-founder of Microsoft hardly needs any introduction Since founding Microsoft along with Paul Allen on April 20, 1975 Bill Gates has transitioned from being a CEO to a philanthropist funding projects that would help the poor according to Forbes, Gates has a total net worth $108.2 billion (09/01/2020) Gates has held the #1 spot on Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires for 18 out of the past 23 years From 1995 to 2017 he was at the top of the list but has since been bumped to the number three spot by a fellow businessman Bernard Arnault and Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon If its your first time watching Newzfid,welcome dont forget to subscribe When most people think of Microsoft Bill Gates is the only name coming into their minds But he was not the only founder in fact Paul Allen co-founded the company The relationship between Allen and Gates, became less close as they argued even over small matters Allen effectively left Microsoft in 1982 after receiving a Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis though remained on the board of directors as vice chairman In 1983, Gates tried to buy Allen out at $5 per share but Allen refused and left the company with his shares intact though they reached good terms Unfortunately Paul died 2018 Allen was worth $20.3 billion at the time of his death He was the 44th–richest person in the world Gates met Allen who was two years his senior in high school at Lakeside School in Seattle Washington The pair became fast friends bonding over their common enthusiasm for computers even though they had different insight Once, he and three other students, including Paul Allen were caught exploiting bugs in the operating system to get extra time on computer library They were then hired by Cobol to write a payroll program After his school administrators came to know about his programming abilities he and Paul Allen wrote a scheduling program for the school, also you should know this Gates fixed its codes so he can be sitting next to pretty girls to become close with them Gates was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955 Early in his life, Gates was bullied in school one thing he even admits these days is the sincere truth that he didnt get along pretty well with his mother In 1970 at the age of 15 Gates and Allen went into business together developing “Traf-o-Data,” a computer program that monitored traffic patterns in Seattle The objective was to read the raw data from roadway traffic counters and create reports for traffic engineers The company had only modest success but the experience was instrumental in the creation of Microsoft Corporation a few years later Gates and Allen wanted to start their own company but Gates’ parents wanted him to finish school and go on to college where they hoped he would study law At the age of 18 Gates was considered smart he scored a 1590/1600 on his SAT and was accepted to Harvard Despite his intelligence, he did not graduate from Harvard Instead, he took a leave of absence for an unspecified time to work on Microsoft which he co founded with Paul Alllen As the company rose to success he never returned but stated multiple times that he “could always go back to school” if Microsoft failed for some reason Many entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg they dropped out of college before succeeding the success of Gates and the people I’ve mentioned should not be seen as cause for others to follow in his footsteps without serious care or great itinerary did you know? Bill Gates was accused of stealing from Apple by Steve Jobs that Windows operating system was copied from him so its like this in the old days, computers were only operated by trained professionals but Steve jobs came with a basic operating system known as GUI Please,let not give him all the credits because he also copied the idea from a system created by Xerox when Steve jobs recruited Microsoft to be the first third party applications software developer for the Macintosh he was already concerned that they might try to copy his ideas and thats what seem to have happened 1983 Microsoft announced a mouse-based graphical user interface environment called Windows one year before Apple Steve Jobs was furious However, when another new version of Windows was released Apple filed a copyright lawsuit against Microsoft in 1988 Its true that Bill gates and Steve Jobs had some sort of enmity But would you believe if I would tell you that Gates saved Apple and later became bigger than Microsoft? In August of 1997 Gates stepped in and saved Apple which, at the time, was on the brink of bankruptcy by investing $150 million in Apple In a remarkable feat of agreements Apple co-founder Steve Jobs agreed that Microsoft would support Office for the Mac for five years Apple agreed to drop a long-running lawsuit in which they alleged Microsoft copied Mac OS and to make Internet Explorer the default browser on its computers At the time that Microsoft saved Apple Microsoft was by far and away the larger That standing has since flipped: Apple’s market capitalization is $1.3T and Microsoft’s is 1.2T billion Bill Gates, his wife, Melinda, and his closest friend, Warren Buffett are all very dedicated to philanthropy In fact, they are so invested in giving back that together they signed a “Giving Pledge”. This pledge commits them to each donate at least half of their wealth to charity Although he has long been involved in philanthropic endeavors Gates decided to consolidate them under their foundation and help people called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation To date, Gates has donated $35.8 billion worth of Microsoft stock to the Gates Foundation As a result Gates now has a 1.3 percent stake left in the company, by Bloomberg’s estimates Comparatively, Gates owned 49% of Microsoft in 1986 The current largest individual Microsoft shareholder continues to be former CEO Steve Ballmer Gates has faced some criticism for his business practices In 1998, Microsoft was the target of an antitrust lawsuit The case alleged that Microsoft made it difficult to install competing software on computers running Windows and also made it difficult to uninstall programs like Internet Explorer that came automatically installed In 2000, Microsoft lost and as a result were ordered to split the company in half However, an agreement was reached in 2001 to allow the company to stay as one As the boss of Microsoft Bill Gates would take one week, two times a year and escape by himself to a secret clapboard cabin somewhere in a forest It was what he called his “Think Week.” Gates spend the week reading papers written by Microsoft employees pitching new innovations one of the Think Week results is the Internet Explorer in 1995 We all make mistakes– it’s part of being a human and through the mistakes we make, we learn valuable lessons that can help us improve in the future even Bill Gates has made mistakes the only difference is that, his mistakes can cause loss of billions of dollars Bill Gates admitted that the “greatest mistake ever” in his fabled career at Microsoft cost his company a staggering $400 billion Losing out to Google’s mobile phone operating system Android a non-Apple phone alternative As you might recall, Apple’s iPhone was released to the public in June 2007 while the first Google Android-based smartphone came more than a year later October 2010, Microsft came with Windows phone In January 2019, Microsoft announced that support for Windows 10 Mobile and that Windows 10 Mobile users should migrate to iOS or Android phones

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