Bankruptcy legislation to be consolidated

Some areas of law are covered by many different
Acts and other pieces of legislation. It can also be centuries old! This can sometimes
make it hard to interpret the law and make it confusing to know what the current law
is. The purpose of consolidation bills is to bring
together legislation to create one accessible piece of law in one place.
A consolidation bill can make minor amendments to the law like updating out-dated language
and implement Scottish Law Commission’s recommendations to improve the law. The Scottish
law Commission’s role is to recommend reforms to improve, simplify and update the law.
A consolidation Bill can’t make major changes to the law or make policy changes.
The Parliament is currently looking at consolidating law in the area of bankruptcy.
The Parliaments Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee is considering whether the bill
should proceed as a Consolidation Bill. The Committee is seeking your views.
In particular the committee wants to know Do you think Bankruptcy Law should be consolidated
Is it the right time to consolidate bankruptcy law?
Has the Bill captured everything it should? and do you have any views on the approach
taken in the Bill to consolidation? You can find out more and how to contact us
on our webpage The deadline for submissions is the 8th of
Dec 2015

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