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Fraser Trebilcock is over 130 years old. Throughout our history, we’ve represented
the banking industry at a very high level. Our clients have come to expect high level
representation. This is an industry that’s unique, that requires
consistent, high-level representation. We take great pride in doing that. This firm has a great history in the practice
of banking law here in Michigan. The firm was really in the forefront of a
lot of major changes that took place in the banking industry. We’ve built on that tradition and have lawyers
here with expertise in the full range of services that banking clients may need, be it transactional
litigation, regulatory governmental relations, really the whole menu. Our firm goes back to 1883 and I think we
have been representing banks in various aspects since that time. I’ve been with the firm 45 years and so I
was here when bank holding companies started and when ATMs first came out, so we helped
the first bank in Michigan to have had ATMs work through that whole legal process. The lawsuits that arose when the ATMs were
adopted, and then we worked with the bank to help rewrite legislation that was later
adopted by the legislature. Well, it’s an exciting time in Michigan. There is just tremendous growth with all of
the activity that we have going on in this state. The thing that we as lawyers can do to help
that process is to be up to date and have a broad range of experience to draw from. The technology is coming faster than ever
and the regulations are not keeping up often with the technology, so at Fraser we try to
not only keep up with banking regulations, but to keep up with the technology. Our firm has over 80 practice areas. From where I sit as the firm’s Litigation
Chair, I find us to be a full-service firm when it comes to our banking industry clients. From contracts to faults, non-competes, lender
liability – you name it – and more than that, when they hire the firm, they’re getting the
complete team.

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