Asbestos Bankruptcy & Trusts Information: AC & S |

Another company that produced asbestos, or a company that produced asbestos was AC & S, and they actually were a company that
manufactured asbestos, but they also were an installation or a contracting company
that would be hired to come in to a facility and typically work in the
insulation of steam pipes re-insulate bowlers any kind of steamer or pipe, that
would need insulation or a vessel that would need insulation, AC & S would typically get
hard in to do that they’ve actually filed bankruptcy, so there is a
bankruptcy truste, it’s been established by AC & S, one of the things that AC & S is
done is they established a pre-approved list or site where they admit that they
went as a contractor, or they sold products to those. So, if you worked in one of
those areas, or worked at one of those plants and we can get you around where
they worked, there’s a good possibility that we can get you compensated by those
companies, or by AC & S at the company you worked. Couple of different products they made
and these are going to be a lot of drop products which means they came in
55-pound bags or 60 pound bags or different sized bags and weight. May be a drop
product that would be mixed with water some of it would be mixed with water in a spray
machine or gunning machine that would actually create a gun eyed or gun type product.
One of the ones they made was a product called armor spray, which was a lightweight
insulation, spray-on insulation product, that would be used in areas that you
really could insulate with preformed to pre-made products so they would also use
that product to insulate seal beans and furnaces or different parts of the steel plate
where they need to make things work or other plates where they needed to make it fire
retardant, I wouldn’t use the word fireproof but fire retardant so it could slow the process if it was on fire. They also made a product called limpet or
they sold and distributed a product called limpet which is another gun, gunning type
product and it would be mixed with water and put into a gunning process or a hopper that
would then be sprayed through a nozzle into labels or other vessels that would need
insulation, or then it could also use it sometimes to respray in furnaces and ovens
when they didn’t have the time or need or, I gues they wouldn’t have the time to
completely tear down the whole furnace and rebuild it, they may use this limpet as a
temporary solution to fix the area where the heat was at. They also made a
pipe covering it was called AK or LK pipe covering and block insulation, so it
would be a pipe covering, which you know is a halfmoon shape that will be made to fit
over the pipe and then they would wire it either wire it with chicken wire or some other wire
and then they insulated with another insulation material or cement or a joint compound to
make a solid covering of the pipe cover that would kind of make it were it was not as, as fire board
wouldn’t cause as much dust to fall but, hopefully their hope was to last a little bit
longer, between insulations.

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