Arpaio’s Deputy Shoots and Kills 19 year old

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15 thoughts on “Arpaio’s Deputy Shoots and Kills 19 year old

  1. My error. Sorry for the confusion. I corrected it in the description but cannot change it at the very end where I used wrong name. Late night and I missed it.-my bad.

  2. Dennis, you did an amazing job onf this piece. Thank you so much and I look forward for re. My son Marco Perez loves to do video and photography as well. Would love to introduce you to him. Manuela Sheehan, Joel Tia, Aunt.

  3. Arpaio and his croonies must be removed. They are criminals— in office. Arpaio is a clown with a sick mind. He is a first rate racist.

  4. And you have nothing whatsoever to support your generalizations. And for the record, the police are not there to protect you regardless of what it says on the side of the police car. You have a right to keep and bear arms to protect yourself. The job of the police is to apprehend and bring to justice the criminals they catch and those which get away from you.

  5. This is a very nice tribute but there are so many facts which are not told or intentionally left out. This tribute forgets to tell about Joel Smith being a convicted sex offender who had a warrant for failure to register. The so called eye wittness is quoted saying she only came outside after she heard the shots fired so I question how did this person observe Joel unarmed. The media is our worst enemy. Sorry for your loss but this is not the fault of the police involved.

  6. Except thats not accurate. 1) It's against the law to shoot and kill an alleged sex offender, even if people like you enjoy it. 2) He was 13 when he was charged and the charge was bogus. The county attorney who charged him was recently disbarred and charged many others with similar bogus charges to make a name for himself. 4) The Sheriff's Dept still refuses to release the records or report-including his actual violation at age 13. 5) Thats not why they shot him.

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