ArKaos MediaMaster 5.2: DMX Merger Tutorial

Hello and welcome to this ArKaos
tutorial. Today we are going to see how an Art-Net merger works in MediaMaster.
The Art-Net merger will help you to merge the DMX information from an Art-Net controller and the pixel feed from MediaMaster to the same lighting
fixture. First, we patch our MagicPanel in the light desk from universe 2, address 1. We are now going to map the fixtures in the LED mapper. As the device is not present in the library, we are going to create it. Click new, enter the pixel formats of the LED. In this case, that’s RGBW. Enter the
matrix size, here six by six. Enter the total DMX footprint of the device, 160
channels. Fill in the name and the manufacturer’s name. Let’s patch the pixel in the matrix. You
can click each pixel individually or use the auto patch function. Drop the device onto the canvas. You can adapt the canvas size to suit the needs of your design. To enter the merger setting, click this icon. Once here, select which subnet and
universe you want to merge and in how many universes. Now set the destination
for your first merged universe. Next, we are going to merge universe 1 from the lighting desk and MediaMaster to universe 4. Notice that the merge button is activated. The merger is now active. Next, import your mapping file into MediaMaster. Take a look at the output pattern from the mapper in the fixture. The devices are now receiving pixel information from MediaMaster and getting
all other parameters from the light desk. From your lighting desk, select in which
mode you will blend your pixel. This is controlled via two DMX parameters in
MediaMaster. The options are HTP, LOTP, Multiply, Addition and Subtraction.

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