31 thoughts on “Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Launch Trailer – Nintendo 3DS

  1. I don't want to be a 'this sucks because its not phoenix' person, but I kinda like Phoenix more. He was the OG and his games where so nice. They could have made Apollo not look like a Wright knock off too.. I bet the game is good either way though, but I don't think it will have the classic feel to it..

  2. I'm still upset that they demoted Apollo to side character. I'm all for giving other characters their own trilogy of games in a series. Worst part is this game has the best self contained plot.

  3. see title
    I'm confused
    I thought this game came out on the DS
    watch video
    Oh, it a port…
    Well that uselesss
    The 3ds let's you play DS games
    Just play the original

  4. If only Capcom would release The Great Ace Attourney 1&2 historical games in the west and also the Miles Edgeworth Investigations 1&2.

  5. They should've released the 3DS Ace Attorney games on cards. Maybe people don't WANT to clog up their storage with Ace Attorney… I can understand it's faster to digitally release it but they could've delayed a game card release for people who wanted to save space.

  6. Um… Great but..
    Looks at DS collection
    Sees Apollo Justice game just sitting there, perfectly fine

    I'm good, but yeah, good on ya!

  7. I’m the only one here who bothers still owning my 3DS because of my low budget, I mean look, the Switch is great but I still prefer my 3DS for on the go action, now don’t get me wrong I love the Switch, but games aren’t meant for HD graphics, as long as it plays just like it was intended to, and is fun and replayable then I’m getting it. People who want games that ended up on 3DS rather than the Switch are Graphic whores to me, period.

  8. Oh man, cant wait for this brand new game!

    That has no reason to exist because Apollo Justice is all ready on DS, so you can just use backwards compatibility :/ Would much rather would have liked to see one of the original 3 GBA games instead.

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