Ambassador Brown Covid-19 Message, 14th May 2020

Hello New Zealand, my name’s Scott Brown,
I’m the United States Ambassador to New Zealand and this is Gracie, she wanted to be in this
video so her she is. New Zealand has now moved to Level 2, down
from Level 3. Thanks to the hard mahi we’ve all done over
the past…..what is it now, 7 weeks? We’ve had 4 days in Level 3 with no new
cases, which is truly amazing. Something for all of us to be proud of. We’ll now hold in Level 2 until May 25,
when Cabinet will review the Level 2 restrictions. Takeout was the “big thing” for Level
3, now we’re all rushing out the door to get our hair cut finally and many of us have
been making do…Thanks honey!!! for that rgeat hair cut. It’s going to be really good to get just
that little bit of normal back in our lives. and although we’ll be able to sit in the
chair and get our bubble hair cut which I did today, we need to be sure that we don’t
cut back on our safety measures. COVID-19 is still out there and we can’t
drop the ball now. and as you know, businesses who can open safely
are now able to do so, and you can go to the shops to get those things that you need. But listen, common sense, keep two meters
distance from people not in your expanded bubble. and If you’re sick, it’s just plain and
simple stay home!! If you are in urgent need of something, please
ask someone in your extended bubble to get it for you. A flu shot may not be a bad idea, I’m getting
mine tomorrow. As of Monday May 18 tertiary, secondary and
primary schools and early learning centers will be open. Museums, cinemas, markets and those restaurants
and cafes who can meet the requirement to seat all customers will be open, but there
will be physical distancing restrictions in place. and thank goodness, Gyms and pools will be
open again, as will public access land. I’m really looking forward to getting back
to enjoying some of the things I love most about New Zealand – like swimming in the ocean. Virtual swim training I can tell you, tying
yourself to a rope in a pool just isn’t quite the same. Regional travel is now possible, as long as
you can do it safely and I’m going to take advantage and go out and explore the country
again, visit some of those businesses that are open There are a lot of changes this time, and
the information on all of them is available on the Government’s website, Check it out. Some things do stay the same. Hey pretty simple, wash your hands often,
with soap and water. Cough or sneeze into your elbow. Practise physical distancing when you’re
out and about in our Level 2 freedom. So I’m Scott Brown, and this is Gracie and
we say bye, cheers and good luck.

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