Alex Witt Visibly Bothered That Charlamagne Tha God Advocated For Black Americans To Arm Themselves

[inaudible] now you remember many times, I always tell you that the so-called
left wing media is a lot of times just as bad or worse from what I see then, right wing Fox news. So case in point,
you’re going to have Charlemagne, the God they asked him about, you know, Ahmad Alberry on MSNBC. Now I want you to hear what he has to say, but I want you to pay close attention to
the host and what she says after that. Okay? I really want you to pay
attention to what she says. Um, and then knows trauma ain’t
gonna follow up behind that. But let’s go ahead and roll that clip. Yeah, my thoughts, man. You know, rest in peace to that brother and
rest the condolences, his family. Uh, I wished that brother had a gun
on him while he was jogging, so he could have defended himself
against those thugs, those boons. Uh, those terrorists, I call them
vanilla ice, that’s what I call them. They hunted him down like he was a deer. And I would also tell all my brothers and
sisters out there to go buy yourself a legal firearm. And learn how to use it so you can
protect yourself and your family. I am too all day. And I think when
you are a black person in America, owning a legal firearm is a form of self
care. So that’s my thoughts on that. I wished that brother had a gun
on him while he was jogging, but he could have defended himself. I
would much rather see him, you know, uh, in prison fighting for
his freedom in jail, fighting for his freedom at the polls.
You know, being in a casket right now. Charlemagne, can I ask
you, since these two, uh, they’ve been charged with murder. We don’t know if there’ll be anybody
else who will be brought into, uh, the charges. This father and son were
showing their pictures right now. Um, the legal system, uh, the rev talked aspirationally about
what changes he would like to see in the legal system. Talk about
that because while I, I can understand the emotions behind
what you said about what you wish people would do, uh, within the black community, I’m sure you also understand that the
prospect of everybody going out there and using guns to make their points
or defend themselves or attack, uh, that may not turn out
well in the big picture. Well, that’s, that’s not what I said. I didn’t say people should use their guns
and go out there and go out there and attack. I said people should own legal firearms
so they can defend themselves against these kinds of attacks. That’s what
I said. Now, um, as far as the legal, the justice system, I don’t have
any faith in the justice system. I’ve seen plenty of, you know, white, white people get off for killing
unarmed black men in this country. So I don’t have any faith in
the legal system for therefore, since I don’t have any
faith in the legal system, that’s why I’m telling all my brothers
and sisters out there to go buy yourself a legal firearm and learn how to use it. But you can protect yourself against
these kinds of threats. Alright. Make an amendment. I’m glad that
the is for all of them. Pardon me sir? The constitution
is for all of us, right? A hundred percent that’s the
question. Okay. So the host Alex Witt, that’s her name. So with Charlemagne has
stated what he stated. I couldn’t disagree with any part of that. In the beginning he called them
terrorists. He called them thugs. He said he wished her brother had a
firearm and where he could have defended himself. I don’t see an issue with that. The second of eminence
for black people to right. And maybe black people would practice
second amendment rights. Like he said, legally on a you fire arms and you
shouldn’t have people messing with you. But now let’s focus on what she
was saying. Right. And then let me, let me read. Um, exactly. So I don’t misquote anything she says. I’m sure you understand that the prospect
of everybody going out there and using guns to make their points or defend
themselves or attack that may not turn out well in the big picture.
First and foremost, where all these white folks are
doing in these reopened. Um, the, the, the state rallies, what by the
Michigan where all of them guns. Why didn’t you say that
then about we should, they shouldn’t be bringing
guns out to make a point. That’s all they do is bring
out guns to make a point. But when Charlemagne says that, Hey,
black people should origin sales, they won’t be victims of terrorism.
That’s a problem for you. And this in the beginning, of course
you started to say like, well, Reverend Al talked about the criminal
justice system and everything. Let’s talk about that. Like telling
him, don’t be talking about all that. We don’t want you to talk about arming
yourselves that’s going on and stay on the hamster wheel here. Dealing
with people like them. See, they want you defenseless. They want you to not be able to equal
the playing field. You understand? So then when she says
that to defend themselves, so this woman don’t even want
black people to defend themselves. This she says attack. That man
said nothing about attacking. He said to have a gun on you to defend
yourself in case someone go attack you. He didn’t say nothing about going to
attack nobody, but that’s what they do. Okay. Now she said that may not turn out
well in the big picture for who? Who? It may not turn out well for Alex. We want to know because it’s
not turning out well now, um, he didn’t have a gun on him. Our model, our barrier that didn’t turn
out well for him. So, Oh, it’s not going to turn out well
because they were black people. Even the playing field. Why you didn’t tell white people that
it’s not going to turn out well and they bought two, 2 million
firearms since his pandemic. Why are you going to tell them white
people that you buying too many firearms that’s not going to end well
in the big, big picture? See, they tell y’all that because
they try to scare you. Okay? I noticed that they
liked to psych you out. Oh well you know you don’t want to
get no guns. They got bored in you. They got mad, man. You’re
gonna have a hundred of them. You’re gonna have a million of
them. Oh, you got us two hands. Oh, it tells you that at the end of
the day, all day, most of the time, unless you have some that just
don’t have much of a recall, you’re not going to do nothing with
more than one one good one, maybe two. So don’t tell me about all what you
got. Don’t mean you know how to use it. Don’t mean you. You practice
with it. Don’t trust me. I’m not going to go into too
deep conversation with this, but you have a right
to, as Charlemagne say, the second amendment for black people.
The constitution, black people. Right. And she had to say it. She didn’t want
to say it. She didn’t want to say, yeah, the constitution of black people. She didn’t want to say that because
she had to double down and say, dog, I got to say it. It’s
so black people. Well, that means that it’s for black people. Then you have second amendment rights
and black people have every right to legally obtain firearms, legally obtained, um, body armor
or anything else they want. There’s just that simple
and white folks can have it. Then black folks can have it. See, they
want you to like Reverend. Now see, they want you to just, we gotta pray.
We gotta say no justice, no peace, and no racist police. Like they
don’t care about that crap. They don’t care. But you started brothers
went out there the other day. Walmart, all Barry tooled up. And
if you saw that video, they didn’t come down there with him.
Brothers were at, they stayed away from, didn’t they? They didn’t go treat those brothers like
the brothers are getting treated in New York, did they? Nope. Nope. No. So with that being said, black people
have every right to defend themselves. Matter of fact, every person,
I don’t care who you are, if you’re an American citizen, you have every right to protect
yourself and your family. Everyone. The second amendment is for everybody,
not just for the Muslim gurus, is for every body and you
should responsibly and
legally purchase your firearms and go to the shooting range, learn
your, your, um, firearms that you have, secure them properly so he won’t get into
the wrong hands or anything like that. And that’s it. And protect
yourself. The police, they can’t get there to take you
no way. Especially if you’re black, you definitely ain’t got no protection. And when Gregory McMichael come
up on you, or let’s say if, if, if you know Ahmad Alberry had a
firearm, he’d still be alive right now. He would because he would have saw them
pull out on him and he’d have pulled out on them. And then it’d been
a shootout at the OK corral since didn’t, they don’t want that. They want us as black folks
to be the victim all the time. They don’t have no problem to me.
Oh, well they was arrested. Yeah, for their protection. That’s
what I was arrested for. Well, we supposed to get satisfied with that.
No, because y’all pulled stunts stunt. Y’all let them get off. Well, we
already know not to trust you. And what Charlemagne said was
right, we don’t trust your system. Your system is crap. Your
system is racialized. The same people that
killed a Ahmad are buried. It’s the same people that’s running the
system. Case in point, the the old man, Gregory McMichael, he was in that system and he
didn’t have no law enforcement, uh, so certification or anything
but yet using that system. So why should black people trust
that system? I mean, come on now, but the, the point of
me making this video, his name was Charlemagne said and which
is, I agree with the point for me. And the point I’m trying
to make is that host, she’s on team white supremacy. And remember this is a left wing Democrat
outlet telling black people continue to be victimized, continue to be in a position where you
can’t do nothing for yourself or it’s not gonna, it’s not gonna be
good in the big picture. But she would not tell
white people that, Ooh, I couldn’t be on a show like that and
tell me that. Cause I was like, listen, why are you telling you white people
that you told white people stop buying guns? I think that’s
true. I haven’t told you. You heard you said white people that,
I mean if you did show me the video, but every time we get, we get
in the slaughtered out here that because they want to run up on us. Know everything that happened to that
brother was a crime and he had every right to defend himself according to the
second amendment. But leave me a comment, let me know. I was thinking about
this particular host here on MSNBC. I repeat that again. MSNBC,
Fox news, they trust me. I’m telling you this, this,
this new 2020 for sure. 2020 Democrat party. They are so anti black and they show
it. They really, really show it. [inaudible].

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