ADOT piloting “Zipper Merge”

Quad Projects entails four different projects on Interstate 10 east of Tucson between State Route 83 and State Route 90. In order to complete the project, we have to leave one lane open for travelers and then the rest is a work zone. The traffic that we have through here, we have your every day commuters. We also have a lot of truck traffic. It’s just heavy traffic all day, every day. One of the issues that we have is we’re seeing anywhere from 5, 10, 12 miles of backup. So, one of the things we’re trying on this project is the zipper merge. You’ve got two lanes of traffic moving through this closure, then as you approach the taper, you’re gonna see merge here, take turns merging. Kind of think of a zipper, You’ll have one car go through then your merging lane will move over then another vehicle in the through lane will go through. The merge lane will move over and that vehicle goes through. As you oscillate back and forth and you build that momentum, you significantly reduce the length of backup because you’re using both lanes. So far what we’ve seen, it’s been great. The queues have reduced. We’ve gotten fewer complaints. Really what we’d like for the public to take away from this is we’re providing a means to really create a safe environment, a fair environment for those folks to get safely through our construction zone. This is again a pilot. We’re testing it and seeing what the impacts are. What we’ve seen so far is actually positive results. I think we’re going to start looking at rolling this out across the entire state. ADOT… Keeping Arizona moving.

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