Accenture Mortgage Cadence At Work

Meet the Kramer family. They just found their dream home. The Kramers want to make an offer, but their nervous. They have many questions. They don’t know where to turn, until they discover some cool new features on the Borrower Center, powered by Accenture Mortgage Cadence. They learn all about the mortgage process at their own pace. The Kramers start to feel better. They’re able to check interest rates. They enter their info into the calculators. It’s all very quick and painless. They decide to apply for their mortgage online through the Borrower Center. And just like that, the Kramer’s application is in process. The loan moves swiftly through the origination process with the help of the Accenture Mortgage Cadence product suite. Both the Kramers and their lender benefit from the automated, all-digital experience. The Document Center generates the disclosures quickly and efficiently, delivering them via the Borrower Center web portal. After receiving their upfront disclosures electronically, the Kramers are able to review, sign, and submit it back to their lender with the utmost confidence. The documentation is immediately uploaded and automatically processed by the Imaging Center, notifying the lender they can begin processing the file. The lender gets to work ordering the credit reports, flood certificate, and title insurance, all made possible through the Services Center. Then the entire package is sent to underwriting for final review. The underwriter reviews the file, aided by automated compliance checks. The Kramers receive all of their closing documents by email so they have every opportunity to read and understand them before closing. And everything comes together seamlessly at the closing table. The document package is pristine. The process concludes as efficiently as it began. Not only are the Kramers thrilled, so is their lender thanks to Accenture Mortgage Cadence’s streamlined technology. The lender can close more loans quicker and the Kramer’s dream home is no longer just a dream. You too can close more loans, increasing profitability and exceeding borrower expectations. Contact Accenture Mortgage Cadence today.

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