About love. Russian movie Spanish, English subtitles.

“SOME YEARS AGO” 271.37. My calculation is 250 rubles. Do you think I’m cheating? I did not say that. 23. 60.20. 32.64 75.20. 53, 13. So 271.37. Alright, then give
I’m back here. Then put it there
back where you got it from. I’m terribly sorry.
Excuse me please. – You ass!
– Hey, what are you doing? Idiot! I apologize. I do not need your apology.
Let go of my bag, damn it. Her clothes, what did she cost? Thousand dollars. So much has
my clothes tasted. I have no cash with me. Get on
on. We drive to an ATM. I give you 1,500. You can look at your ATMs
stuck somewhere else. – Hello, dear Nina. Is it raining outside?
– Yes! Are you angry? No, everything is OK. Of course, everything is fine. All good.
Look here. – There was an earthquake in Kamchatka.
– Where? Not far from Petropavlovsk.
I have to call my mother. There was a Chinese one time
Warlords. Liu Xia. After his death he got the
nice nickname “Pimmel”. You know, that means “wise”. The
one could also say of me. Sasha, what’s going on? We are with ours
Loan in arrears. And what can we do? Well, in the best case we pay on the
outstanding amount daily interest. Worst we lose
the new apartment and this one. My God, what a disaster. Why did not you remind me? My head is full of work, me
can not always think of everything. Sascha, Excuse me, you
did not say anything. I do not have that. But I have to you
also say that you should get dressed? Or that you should cook? We
Both are responsible. Excuse me. I’m sorry about it.
I’m sorry. Do not cry anymore, yes ?! I’ll be fine, will you? Emperor Qin Shi Huang recommended the
Dragon position before the battle. – What about your doctoral thesis?
– She can wait a bit. I do not like it,
that I contribute nothing. We have decided so.
Nina. And according to our agreement I bring the money and you
care for my needs. To put it straight: that
does not sound so nice but we agree, right? Yes, I do,
because I like it. But me too. Really. Otherwise would have
There was never any agreement about that. We always make contracts. Even,
if he is not written down and not a word about it
is lost, he exists. I ask a passers-by, as I go to the “Road of
German Partisans “come. I assume that he stops and
give me some of his time. If he does not answer,
I am angry. Why does he just break that?
unspoken agreements between friendly people? So we two have a contract? As idiotic as it sounds.
We have this. And what about love? Love forms the
Key point of the contract. Sascha, where do we get it now?
the money for these interest? I work as a city guide. Now
do not distract, do you like it? Yes, I really like it with you. Today we go to the Mariinsky Theater. But I do not want to. Me neither, but I have to. Then go alone. I should go with my wife. Many Thanks! It sounds
really charming. You have to call things by name.
Will you give me the salt, please? Here please! Crap! Tamara, please, why are you doing this? Do what? Salt shaker in
Drop soups? Why are you angry? Because here I play the role of
Wife must fulfill, Sergei. A wife is a happy pet, that sometimes runs for it
can see how beautiful it is outside. What it may be grateful then. What do you suggest? That my work
quit and sit in front of the TV in the evening? No, Sergei, I strike like that
of course not before. Tamara, please I need your help. A client is here today.
You should come along. Why do you have that for me?
not said earlier? He decided spontaneously. Ah understand. And what
is listed? Of course, Swan Lake. I will not stand it again. Me neither. I’m trying
only to make some money. And why are you trying to make money? What do I know, the hell? When I was still at the university
from Shanghai lectured … What a smart and handsome man. – And how is he in bed?
– Stop now please. Why should I stop?
That’s the most important. Not for me. Are you frigid? Are you not coming? Lara, sex is not the most important thing. Yes you are right.
Money is more important. But you will become that
see no money for a long time. – That’s not important.
– So what? – The Prince Charming.
– On a white horse? Larissa! Yes. And when should that be?
In two hours? Your Alexander is not exactly one
Prince. He is far too rational for that. I would even say
that he is cool. In addition, if he eventually his doctor
has, he becomes first department head. And what perspectives
then open up to him? Larissa, sorry.
Let’s go, Nina, come on. – See you!
– Yes of course. Do you remember that I am with the
Business between the Chinese and the bank has interpreted? today
the conclusion of the contract takes place. Go there. You’ll
definitely make great. By the way, it is the bank of
we have the loan. You meet the chairpersons.
Soften her up a bit. You’ll come up with something.
Here is the letter. They will be for the
Translate CEO. Excuse me, I can give you something
ask when we are done here? We have just this
Receive letter from your bank. It’s not good that you instead
Your husband’s for interpreting. Give her that afterwards. Let’s hope that your skills are not
are worse than your appearance. Come in. May I introduce? Nina Sazonova.
Your interpreter. Gennady, I’m not happy
about this substitution. I vouch for her. – Do you know her?
– She was best recommended. – That was reckless.
– I’m sorry, I’ll go again. They will not be anywhere
go, Nina Sazonova. Let’s hope you can do it. Between “hope” and “become”
but unfortunately there is a difference. No offense. Come here. Mr. Liu
understands Russian pretty well. That’s why you have to be good.
I should mention that commander Liu once
Was party leader of one of the provinces. His weakness is playing.
He loves roulette. Our private club is waiting for you
Honorable Mr. Liu already. The masters of Chinese
Wait for delegation. Introduce Mr. Liu, please.
Get ready. Mr. Liu and the Lords of
Chinese delegation. Hello! How many? 23rd There is a souvenir shop
a bonus for everyone. Say, here are the best
Dolls and amber. And if you have one more
Boat trip on the way … Boat trip in this weather? Try it, there are no Frenchmen.
There is also a bonus for the boat. Can you still have two groups? No not today.
Thanks, see you. 20, black. They have won. – Congratulations.
– For her. – Many Thanks.
– Make your game. Here are two chips.
100 each. Sit down! No, I think I do not play better. Good, then keep it to yourself. Nothing works anymore. Well, then I’m just on Zero. Only students and officers set like that. Although something really
Crazy happened. – 18, red.
– early 90s. – The bank wins.
– I was left hanging. – Make your game.
– Abroad. I had debts and they paid
one with rubles or with blood. Such were the times. I
still had 5,000 marks. But I could not settle for anything. Back then I was in Baden-Baden,
where Dostoevsky had played. I go to the casino and
put everything on Zéro. Nothing works anymore. If you win, you get
one 36 times. I see how the wheel turns.
And on and on and on. The croupier shouts: “Zéro!”
I was saved. – 17, black.
– Interesting! Do your game. You make a mistake. Well, the chips do not belong to me. Nothing works anymore. Zéro wins. Not a bad way to start. I advise you, now
not to put anymore. I would exchange it in your place. – You will not regain.
– Nothing works anymore. 27, red. I warned you. – Please, your profit.
– Now Liu wins. We’ll get that until tomorrow
not off the table in the morning. – Make your game.
– And, do you like bowling? I have never been bowling. I already booked a train. Will me, Mr. Liu?
do not need it today? I do not think so.
Mr. Liu is brave. – And you?
– No more. – How can that work?
– Went out. As? Like a gas stove, you know? Turn the regulator and the flame
comes from. She goes back to the stove. They make jokes. I do not do.
Do we want to get started? – Well, something like that.
– But I can not get it right. – Yes, you will.
– No, I will not. – Try it.
– That will not work. That’s your ball. Not the fingers.
Can you see it? So! The fingers here. Now go up, get some momentum and go! Oh! I did it. And now alone. She kept an eye on you. Yes? Well, whether or not. Invite her to dinner.
And then to the hotel. She would not go. – Did you ask her?
– I did not even think about it. Do not you feel like it? In any case. Well, you see? Ask her,
I think she goes along. You just have to be gentle and friendly
do. As with a client. Life is at your feet. Take it.
What else is it good for? You are completely right. Why do you have the higher one?
School education made? Why did you like the ’90s?
a guerrilla survives? What were you ready for?
To make slaves? Every day! – Chivas shelf without ice.
– Gladly! I take water. What do you have besides papers?
and planes already experienced? Three dozen bought hookers, on
you do not even remember. And while you fucked her,
did you think of AIDS or blackmail? I know that, I’m the same. Forward march, Sergei. A
little affair as a lucky charm. Oh, bravo. Bravo! Nina, would you like to have something to eat? – Would it go for a long time?
– Not long. What a beautiful evening. Like a fairy tale. And you live in it every day, right? I believed in Santa Claus for a long time. And when I stopped
everything served only the purpose to bring this fairy tale back again. With me as a prince, on one
handsome white horse and only monsters around me. – And waiting for me was a …
– Princess. A kingdom actually,
with a princess. But the more I worked, the more
furthermore the fairy tale came. Percentages, trades, stock prices, Competitor… I also wanted to like in
live a fairy tale. I already had it trying to mentally introduce myself. Let’s imagine it together. As? Sergey Andreyich, we have one
Receive letter from your bank. It’s about the loan … Nina, I do not want to
to have the impression, that we are for something
Business here. We want go upstairs to the room
and continue there? It’s amazing how easy it is
to destroy such a beautiful evening. Nina! I did not want to offend you.
I do not know how to seduce women. I am an amateur in it. It’s obvious.
I like you very much. This wonderful evening
should go on forever. A fairy tale that will come true.
Forgive me. – You wanted to discuss something.
– No, not anymore, goodbye. Goodbye. But no! You have my number. I will wait for your call.
You know what I want. My offer is still available. – How did it go?
– Quite well. I got 300. That’s with bonus. At the conclusion of the contract
they always pay a little more. By the way, Sasha, $ 7,000
I held in my hands today. – Really?
– I did not accept it. Why not? It was just a mild gift
from a wealthy one. Here, take, Lakai.
I have enough of it. – Who was the wealthy?
– The CEO. A commoner. Surprisingly, he was friendly. Nearly
a poet. Until he dropped the mask. Wait, why did he give it to you? Well, we played roulette. You played roulette? They performed their main Chinese.
I got two chips. And you left the money? – It did not belong to me anyway.
– Well, you won. Nina! You know how we have to cope.
$ 7,000 would have us … Does not it matter to you that I mean
Doctor give up and buckle in front of Chinese? I get 200 fucking dollars
for 12 hours of hard work. And you do not take any 7,000. Sascha, listen to me, it
would have been reprehensible. I would have been from then on
committed felt. And whom? Do not you feel us?
committed to? Towards us? I should have taken it too, if
he had tried to sleep with me? What a nonsense.
He and sleep with you. Alright. – Next time I’ll take it.
– There will be no next time. Did you talk about the loan? I had it again and again
tried, but it did not work. Sure, you were using roulette
busy, how could you? I can not do everything permanently
yourself in the hand. You have to realize that
life is hard. Life is rough and merciless and
it demands a lot more responsibility as you can imagine, Nina. I start to understand. Good, sponge over it. It is expensive here. My parents can me
provide coffee. That’s stupidly the only one. You
now have to raise the money. Well, I know a rich guy. But I would rather
die than to ask him. And who? A banker. I had last
Wednesday with him an interpreter job. You talk as if you were
know him forever. One day was enough for me. Does he have such a strong one?
Impression made on you? If you know it
want: at the beginning. Instead of some loser
there is this aristocrat. And he was still about candles
surrounded, the purest glamor. The worst thing is when you start
to hold one person for another. He seemed like Richard
Gere from “Pretty Woman”. And suddenly I start
to play the game He has an impression on you
made, as I see it. I am a married woman. My duty is only me
to take care of my husband. Oh, turn around, there’s Alexander
on one of his boat tours with a whole bunch of Chinese. You know, I feel really bad. What’s this? Exactly the same. Only in Chinese.
Should I translate it? – The content is the same?
– I guess so. Do you think we should go back?
have a translator come? And who? Nina? It does not have to be Nina. Did not it work?
Or does it? You have to be more persistent.
The girl is complicated. Get the one we had before. Who please? Your husband? Her husband? I’m afraid… Then someone. Order one. I did not mean to spoil your mood. Viktor, show me the surveillance movie
from the casino from the moment – when the Chinese played.
– Immediately. Show me the girl.
The face please. I did not know you
be so cruel. Let me go. also
a man has to stand up for himself. And for his wife. If somebody ever tells you
I should hurt … Hello! That’s for the cards. – 14 people.
– Thank you very much. Take her to the theater, that
they stay together nicely. I can wait until the end of
Continue working season. That’s great. Everyone needs money.
It’s okay. See you! – Volod, can you …
– Clear! Can I. Sasha, is it from the bank? Yes, they made a case of it.
Crap. Can not we do something about it? You could have done something. You would have it.
You were at the bank. You should have done something instead of
playing roulette all the time. But you said that
you know someone there. Nina, who am I supposed to know?
Tell me that. To the chairman, for the
I have interpreted, I will not be put through. You have to get angry
have that you have gone. I have the number of the chairman. Then call him. I dont want that. Nina, are you completely crazy? I said, I do not want that.
Call him yourself. Nina! Excuse me, who is this? This is our sponsor. For the whole
Exhibition. Did you see him? He looks like Byron, right? You would
do not think he is a banker. Anything else? Oh no! Cassation. 22 for me. I write it down. Dad, “Cassation” you can not
make it, it’s not a noun. – Do you want to teach your father?
– It’s a noun. Yes? Good evening. Nice to hear from you. I just can not stay undisturbed
speak, I’ll contact you. What’s wrong? – No, why are you asking?
– I can see it. No, it did not work
the appearance for me. Nina? Sorry, I could not speak. I am glad. Let’s meet tomorrow. I’ll get in touch and say when and where. Okay, thanks. In ten … Above the Quiantang delta … Sascha, I switch the phone in the
Library off. It will not be late. Aha! – Nice to see you.
– Good day. You are amazingly punctual. Where do we go? Wherever you’d like to go. I will
Do not kill yourself. Maybe something to eat? Nina, I have a request. Would you smile, please? – Are we talking about the loan?
– Should we? Should we. After all, you are
That’s why you came. In order. We were with the rates
late. Now it’s in court. – Is it in your name?
– My husband. – Do you have the same name?
– Yes, Sazonov Alexander Valentinovic. Moment. Gennady, please look for Sazonov
Alexander Valentinovic out. Good, you remember her. I understand they have one
Problem with the loan. Let’s give three months break.
Without interest. And look what we can do
to lower the rates a bit. Wonderful, thanks for your support. The loan was easy. Yes, everything is easy. What can I bring you? Nina, what do you want? – Are you nervous?
– You are the one who is nervous. This may be. What
would you like to have? I do not want to have anything. Nothing at all? I dont know. Nina, listen to me. I did what you wanted. And I demand for it
no consideration. If you do not like me, you can
you can get up and go. Believe me, that does not change anything
on the matter with the loan. Let’s go? I want to drink something. What’s this? La Bohème, from Puccini. I want alone in the evening in Paris
to go out with me. Admiration I excite. And consider my beauty
and praise my beauty. All the people who see me. I am still in my life
never been so happy. Do you see? You do not have to go against it
to fight your instincts. I have to go. What happened? Nothing at all. – Hello.
– Hello. Just tried to call you. Oh, I forgot the phone
“Loud” to ask after the library. That’s a shame, then you would have
you know it sooner. Listen! Something perfect
extraordinary happened. Even the banks sometimes block it. Anyway. I thought of my visit
The bank yesterday would have done nothing. But about four hours ago
the bank called. They have found a way, like them
can help us. Now guess! Because we are with you as a boy
Family are classified, They lowered the amount of the installments. Can you belive that? And you said
Justice does not exist. Are not you excited? – Naturally.
– Are not you feeling well? You look pale. I’m better off. You always eat this half-finished stuff
from the store and that’s the consequences. What is it that hurts? My head. I’ll make it go away. Sascha …
I do not want to now. “PRIDE AND PREJUDICE” – Hello.
– Hello. – Did you work for a long time?
– Yes! But you smell clearly
after women perfume. I smell nothing,
I took a shower. Nice! It smells cheap. Were you with a hooker? That’s nonsense. You cattle. Bastard, scoundrel. You’re
a damn cattle. Tell your son tomorrow that
I am on a business trip. – Tell me, are you pregnant?
– How so? You look like this.
Or are you ill? Maybe I’m sick, maybe
pregnant, I do not know. Well then do a test, then you know it.
And at home? Is everything alright? All right, the bank
has granted us respite. It’s great.
Did you do it? You could say that. Ah, I thought so. Your prince
is too smart to do something. Excuse me. Hello? I wanna see you. Tomorrow at four.
The same suite as last. – I will not come.
– How so? I’m waiting for you anyway. I live here now.
Will you come, tomorrow at four? Sergei, do not call me anymore,
I will not come anymore. You are neither ill nor pregnant. You’re just panicking about that stupid one
Loan. Tomorrow is girls evening. You should definitely come.
Morning in the dorm. There you can free your mind
get, relax, have a drink. I’ll do it. Hello? Hello Lara. But clearly. When do you say? At four o’clock? Naturally,
I’ll give it to you. Take care. To you. Lara! Lara, I’m not … I do not want to.
I do not know. Okay, Lara. OK, see you later. You should go. – Get out a bit.
– No desire. It’s not far.
Small walk. Put on warm clothes. Yes? Let’s meet every Tuesday. Tuesdays? Yes, that would be best for me.
At four. Sure, that would be best for you. Tuesdays at four. I have to go. Then until Tuesday? I’ll call you. Yes, please? What? Sascha, I have to go back for
for a while in the library. What? I’m sorry, I can
you understand very badly. – Good day.
– Good day. Sorry, the guest has in
Did you take the key with you? We have an appointment. I
I called, but without success. One moment. The suite was today
Released tomorrow. Roman, please call the fifth floor! So? Lena was too late and said: “I ran and ran until
my legs were breaking. ” I looked at her and said, “The
But they are not broken at all. You just bent her slightly. ” We all laughed.
Yes… How very serious you are, Alexander
Valentinovic. How is the doctoral thesis? Magnificently. And the sports activities? Bravo, bravo! Nina, you made a catch there. Hello! At the crossroads Pionerskaya and Bolshoi.
It is clearly visible. Who was that? The Prokopjeva and the girls.
What day is today? It is your birthday. I know that today is my birthday
is, but which day of the week is it? Today is Thursday, why? I’ll go and bring the plates. You’re free until tomorrow morning. Pull yourself back
and wait here. Your wife is completely healthy.
Come. Your symptoms do not testify
of bad health. These are more symptoms
a bad mood. Be gentle to her.
Or be more romantic. And you can find the cause either
inside or outside the family. I prescribe her
Sedative and some vitamins. It is certainly not a crime
to prescribe her vitamins. Are you awake? These are the pills from your doctor.
Come on, have a drink. Are you feeling a little better? Yes, something. Great. That pleases me very much. I’m making good progress with the doctoral thesis.
I’m almost done. You know, my head is buzzing
around defending them in China. Why not? Even
this is something new for them. We could go to Shanghai. Wonderful,
subtropical climate. You would like that. What are you saying? Agreed? The doctor said I should
be a little gentler with you. You are gentle with me. I think he was what
other meant that. Come on, as we did when we met
have met, yes? You know what? Sascha. Sascha!
Please dont do this. The first time, I remember, wanted
you do not. But I persisted. The man is Yang, the sun. The woman is Yin, the moon. The man should be tough. And then they unite. Leave me alone, I have
slept with someone. Tell me. Nothing else. Now tell me. Tell it to me. Tell
me, how it is with him. Tell me how it is. You mark the love
Girl and you are a whore. Who? I’m so sorry. Go away. Get out! Hello? Yes. What? Sorry, but I just know
not where to go. I’ll be right there. What’s going on there? That’s hard to explain. If it’s hard, do not tell me. I really have to go there. I do not want to, but I have to. To whom does the car belong? My wife. What is it, darling? What is it? I’ll buy you an apartment, no problem.
Only for you. Only for me alone? We will see it then. – Hello Lara!
– How are you? Krass! And what are you for him? Exactly how it should be. On
poor girl from the pampas, where there is not even a TV.
Now look at this. In the middle of downtown in
a two-room apartment. You can see what
good looks. Maybe the inner beauty. Nonsense. I am inside
better than outwardly. But the boys do not want me
marry, but only sleep with me. By the way, what about your guy?
Does he want to marry you? I did not ask him. Is also okay. That does not matter.
It just makes things more colorful. Lara, let it be. I’m sorry, I thought
you are a bit more relaxed now. But your fairy tale and yours
Prince, then you have everything. Lara, I like it the way it is. Sascha, some rascals are sitting in the
Stairwell and get drunk. Oh! You’re also drinking. Ms. Zina, that’s not the same thing. Sascha! Sascha! You
do you kill her? What are you doing? Stop it! You are a professor. Only the existence of the Khitan interpretation
the Buddhist principles explain the commonplace
Handling the Zongmi and the traditions of Huayan. Sasha, my boy. Did you get something on your head? No. That was just an excerpt
from my doctoral thesis. I’m an idiot. An idiot. Do not cry, my boy. she was
not the right one for you. And another pancake.
I did that myself. I believe that from you. Upper delicious. Yes? Hello! I woke up and you were gone.
Come here. At the moment I am… You said you had time on Sunday. I have to get out with the dog. Bring the dog with you. I have something important to tell you. Important shops? Come, help me with the pancake. Here, take the gloves. Get that
Take out the tin and hold it out to me. She is definitely young. Who? It was clear that it was sooner
or later would happen. What do I do with the sheet metal now? Put it on the table. Why did I hold it? I do not know it myself. Put it on the table, say
your son “good appetite” and go to your important shops. I just go out with the dog. All the better. How long have you been married? 13 years. For so long? – It went very well.
– And what are you doing here? I just want to know what role I am
actually play for you in your life. A very important one. A very important one. When are you coming back? I do not know. How about tomorrow? If it is impossible
is, then you do not need it. I’ll just wait for you. I’ll come if I can. Do we want to go to the opera?
La Bohème? It is not running yet.
Next week only. We do that. Would that be alright for you?
Or are you not sure? I do not know. I’ll call you. Last time, I thought, where does it come from?
this weird thing called “love”? There sits a stranger, she
just sits opposite you And by the way, not the nicest
Specimen of the human species. And to your horror you feel, God
keep it from ever coming that you not only your own, but
would give any life for her. I read that if you have yours
Desire to get control then you just imagine like an angel in the toilet
sits and shits extensively. And you are free from your lust.
I do not have to imagine that. Even that would not help me. We are from the city at that time
not to meet my wife. She says, “Stop, I have to
quickly butt bush. ” I say, “Why? Do it
but here behind the car. ” “But, I do not have to pee,” she says.
“Oh! If you have to shit, then, of course, better behind the bush. ”
Then I got my thing out and pissed on a tree next to her.
I looked behind the tree, to control my desire,
but nothing like that happened. Nothing. My lust did not go away.
I brought her home she washed by hand and
licked her all over. Then I picked her up and
put her to bed. I turned her on mine
Favorite page and started to sink my 18 inches into her.
Then I pulled her to me, pushed her away and again
ran until I came. I thought, “That should
helped you now? ” Nothing there, the feeling was still there. The next morning I woke up
next to her and just thought: My God, why am I?
just no hermaphrodite? Then I would fuck myself. I would not be like that anymore
suffer from this torture. I do not know what’s wrong with me
more annoying, the fact that it is not an antidote
gives this crazy love, or that means
does not work for me. She ran in the house all the time
transparent slip through the area. And if so, I did not have it
already seen enough briefs? And everything under it?
Of course I have that. But as soon as my lustful look
I fall for her, I am lost. Or not? Am I right? That’s not the case with me. Then you are damn lucky. You’re welcome! Turn on the light, Alexander. Is not necessary. What are you doing, Alexander
Valentinovic? Not! What are you doing here? You can not do that now
out, Alexander Valentinovic. I can not do anything without them. Mr. Andrejitsch, the
Interpreter calls. She says she only needs two minutes. I’m not here. Already so bad? We work? But of course, Sergei. How does it look, all right? All OK. There is only one woman. Should
I ask you to disappear? No. That’s his.
Leave her alone. – Hello!
– Hello! Why are you out here? They did not want to let me into the building.
I do not have an ID card. Did something happen? No! I only had
trying to reach you. I wanted to talk to you,
wanted to hear your voice. What did you want to hear? Your voice. I felt very bad,
but now it works again. I have two cards for tomorrow
for “La Bohème” worried for us. Oh no. Tomorrow I can not. Pity! But I’m coming the day after tomorrow.
Promised! Sazonova! I must
talking to you. Maybe better somewhere else. Where, then? In your sponsored
Sugar Baby apartment? Sasha, what do you want to talk about? Because of you, I’m the one now
Laughter number of the entire faculty. If you shut me up now,
will you stay that way? Everyone laughs when you are in mine
Lecture, are you not aware of that? I can not do that, that’s not fair. Sasha, what do you want now? I beg you. I ask you, go
get away, get out of my life. Help me, it hurts me. Alright, I think about it. You’re welcome
calm down and go home. Wait! You know that I can kill you. – Gate!
– Yes! – Did you see Ronaldo?
– Gate! Did you see? Gate! Gate! Gate! Hello? Hello! Hello! Hello! May I come inside? Why did you come? Amends. You have to come back, Nina. You just have to. He is
not good for you. Sascha, maybe
he is not good for me. Maybe he is a lot
worse than you are but I love him. And there’s nothing I can do
could do it. And you did not love me? Then you lied to me. But I thought it was love.
I did not know what love is. You did not know what love is? You did not know that? How is that? In the lotus position?
The Dragon? – And the swan!
– Sasha, leave me alone! Sasha, leave me alone, I said. You’re my woman.
You’re my woman! – Sasha!
– I feel love too. Only mine is easier than yours. Sascha! Hello? You have to do something. I really can
no longer live. Sergei, I’m not human
for once a week. If I imagine now, him
every day at the university … That just became impossible. It would be best if
I would work. Work? Yes Work. Where, then? – Maybe in a travel agency.
– And the university? It is only one more year. I
the language is already very good. Should I buy you a travel agency? Buy me one. Will you do it? Well, and if you can do it.
You stubborn. And what your husband
that’s what I’m doing. Forget my husband. There is something more important. While he was here,
I was almost sick with fear. I am pregnant, Sergei. We both will have a child together. Another weight on yours
both strong shoulders. Are not you excited? My God, what am I talking about? Are you so quiet. I think. I will keep the child. It will be my child. Only mine, if you do not want to have it. Is good. It will have a good childhood.
I promise to you. That’s all? Do you want more? Oops! What? The prince went away,
the banker has appeared. You can believe me, up
he is more reliable. Sergei, honey. I
I’m in the kitchen. And? She is expecting a child. What do you say? I do not want something to change. Why not? It will somehow be limited. I do not care. Here is
nothing can restrict itself anymore. I want to stay here with my son. Who prevents you
to stay with him? I suppose that’s him
will lack nothing. But there will be a new baby there.
A baby. And it will need you. – Tamara!
– What is? Do not spoil this one now
historical moment. Farewell! … just sent to boarding school. – That’s not the worst thing.
– Really? – There he is among young people.
– Yes, that’s right. Excuse me, is your name Sasonov? Yes why? I did not want a cigarette from you. Listen! You know who
has commissioned us. Then everything is clear. We set the counter for
the staff here. But we wanted him
originally put here. Trust me, it will be better.
You are not the expert. You’re right. But in
I will work on these rooms. Therefore no offense, but we
do it as discussed, okay? As you wish. Chicken soup is good for your health. No matter, one year is already wasted. Do not worry. Next year
Invite you to Harvard. What’s new from the university? Nothing else. Only that Nina now with
her rich guy is contracted. – You invited me there.
– And where? Somewhere at the English quay,
near the registry office. But I canceled. She knows that I am now
am with you. Besides, that will be the whole thing for me
anyway too french. Do you think she cares? Your relationship with this guy
it’s pretty funny. Honestly, he is much older than her. By the way, her stomach is
already grown up. I’m sorry, you want that
probably not hear at all. Does not do anything. The
really does not do anything. Laralein. There is
something about burning. That does not matter, Ms. Zina. He likes
It likes to go through well. I love you. Yuri! You’re welcome. Sasha, not! Do not shoot! Do not shoot! What do you want? What are you doing there? He took everything from me.
Everything! Chill out. Chill out.
Calm down. Chill out. Chill out. What do you want to do with it?
Sascha. You can not change it anymore. Sascha. Sascha. Sascha, drop it. I beg you. Let the knife fall. Nina, how are you?
Do you want water? No, I do not want anything. Sergei, it’s better for you. You have one recently
get a small belly. Zina, tell me where to buy
Igor the broccoli? Unfortunately, I can not say that.
How come? He tastes funny. tell him
Please, he should come here. Immediately. We have to go for this at six o’clock
City festival to be at the reception. We? I should go with my wife. Arkady Lvovich, I will be at the meeting
Do not participate, work it out yourself. – How long will it go?
– One hour, as always. You heard it. The documents
are on my desk. I’ll come later, if I can do it. Many Thanks. Then then around
half past five on the Kammeni. Thank you! what was his age? About three. He had the whole thing
a little different. Well, we wait, but it works at the moment
our little one is not so daring. – That will come.
– Do you think? Like the father. The Apple
does not fall far from the trunk. Oh, do not say that! Hello there. Oh, wonderful. Are you interpreting here? Invited. I am a professor. Dr.
phil. and language expert. Congratulations! Thank you! Do you know who she’s talking to? Yes! And that does not bother you? No not at all. Sergei! Excuse me. This is Sergei. And
the Alexander. You’ve seen each other before, you
you may not remember. – I do not remember a bit.
– I do not remember anymore. – Excuse me?
– Clear! Yes? I heard Lara and
you married. We never managed that. That will probably have its meaning. I have to disappear, something
Business. Are you still staying? I’m still chatting with Sasha,
if it does not bother you. No not at all.
When are you coming? Not later than ten. – Goodbye.
– All the best! And do you love him? I think so. And he loves you too? No. He does not love me. And how do you live like that? With mutual respect. Nina … I would do anything for that, to be with you. And Larissa? That does not matter.
I want you! No problem. Let’s go. Do you have a car? Yes? Then you take yours
Car and I mean. Better if you do not see us together. Did you do it? You know what? How could I forget that? Show me your testimony. Why, I only have
Top marks in all subjects. You come after me. Come here! Okay, I have to go now. You know… I still love you as I did then. Love is mischief. She is a disease. I have become someone else, Sasha.
I determine my life myself. I decide what good
is and what is bad. I’m independent. It is my body. And I do
with what I think is right. And it is my soul She will never belong to anyone else. The most important thing is the contract. I broke it once. And what were the consequences? Three ruined lives. But why destroyed? Everyone is in his own way a happy person. In his own way. Okay, Sasha? We will the contract
do not break again. I have to go now. Oh, I’ve already paid the room. – Can I help you, miss?
– No, it’s okay. I sprained my foot. What’s your name? Petya. It hurts, Petya. It hurts. Where, Ms. Alexandrova? To the office.

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