A Brief History of Moon Hoaxes – Why do people still believe in them?

Go to google and type in site : moon
hoax and you’ll get back over 670,000 websites that reference in some way or
another that the moon landings were faked or we have never been to the moon
at all. How did we get from one of the greatest
technological achievements of the 20th century to believing that it was a
massive cover-up by NASA the CIA the government or a combination of all three
and why almost 50 years after the first Apollo missions with all the scientific
proof available do an increasing number of people believe in a radically
different version of reality. One of the first reported instances of people not
believing but the moon landings were true came on December 18th
1969 when the New York Times science reporter John Noble
Wilford in an article called “A moon landing? what moon landing?” remarked that a few stool warmers in the Chicago bars are on record as suggesting that the
Apollo 11 moonwalk last July was actually staged by hollywood on a nevada
desert. Six months later on 15th June 1970 The Atlanta
Constitution led with the story “Many skeptics feel moon explorer Neil
armstrong took his ‘first giant step for mankind’ somewhere in Arizona”. The article was based on a pole of 1721 U.S. citizens that were asked “Do you really completely
believe the United States has actually landed men on the moon and return them
to the earth again” the poll results showed that less than 5% of
responders in Detroit Miami and Akron believe they were fake but this
increased to 54% of african-americans in places like
Washington DC. An early conspiracy theme is that because of the cold war between
the US and the Soviets the U.S. could not be seen to lose the race to the moon but when they realized that it couldn’t
be done NASA faked the missions and used the funds to buy the silence of
potential whistleblowers. Another one says that we could never get to the moon
because the astronauts would have been killed by the radiation in a Van Allen
belts which surround the earth. This is down to a poor understanding of
the science of radiation and that thinking all radiation is the same, as we
will see it’s this bad science that is the underpinning of most of the moon
hoax theories. One theory by William Brian said that we did go to the moon
but only with the help of alien technology and NASA couldn’t risk for
public finding out about this as they wouldn’t have to disclose how they got
it. Another by Richard Hoagland says that NASA had discovered large
artificial glass structures on the lunar surface and that the astronauts had had
their memory of any alien encounters erased by hypnosis. He also said that the moon landing hoax
he’s had been created by NASA themselves to act as disinformation to put people
off the bigger picture of the aliens they had found. You may well recognized a
similarity to the plot of the 1968 stanley kubrick film “2001, A Space
Odyssey” which in turn was based in 1964 short story by Arthur C Clarke called
“The Sentinel”. This was well before the moon landings and any of the subsequent
moon conspiracy theories so you can see where these ideas can come from. Over time the same early themes have
been recycled again in again with changes added here and there. One thing
that does remain the same though is that they are all different, if NASA had
concocted a hoax they could only be one version of it. It wasn’t until 1975 when the first of the so-called evidence-based denials appeared by “Bill
Kaysing”, a journalist who had worked Rocketdyne incorporated, the makers of
the f-1 engines that powered Saturn V moon Rockets. His 1975 self-published booklet
titled “We never went to the moon : America’s 30 billion dollar swindle”
which was republished in 1981 and 2002 is acknowledged as the first to lay
out many of the arguments which have been taken up by the subsequent
conspiracy theorists. It’s here that we see the bad science at work as he puts
forward the missing stars in the photos of the astronauts, the flag-waving when
there is no air, the lack of a blast crater from under the lunar lander from
its descent and optical anomalies in photos taken on the moon. He also puts forward the assumption that
NASA did not have the technical expertise to operate moon landings and
that the F-1 rockets were so unreliable the ones on the Apollo 11 rocket were
faked with smaller B-1 type engines inside of them. This later point has been proven to be
incorrect by the recovery of the actual F-1 engines used on Apollo 11 from the
atlantic ocean by Jeff Bezos, the owner of amazon. Kaysing who was never a scientist nor engineer worked as the head of the technical publications and
as a publications analyst at Rocketdyne until May 31st 1963, some six years
before the moon landings. He said he came to these and later conclusions because
he had seen documents relating to Mercury, Gemini Atlas and Apollo and that
you didn’t need to be a trained professional to know a hoax has been
perpetrated. Kaysings theories subsequently became even more extreme
when he alleged that NASA haded staged the Apollo 1 fire and the Space Shuttle
Challenger disaster because the astronauts were about to reveal the hoax
and they had to silence them in a convincing manner. Hollywood has also helped to popularize
the moon hoaxes with films like The 1978 “Capricorn one” which deals with NASA faking a Mars mission due to technical problems discovered just before the launch that
would have killed the astronauts they had continued and the ensuing cover up. In
2001 the conspiracy theorist received a huge boost with the fox TV documentary
called “Conspiracy theory: Did we land on the moon” the program aired on mainstream TV and bill Kaysing was one of the main contributors. Because this came out over
30 years after the moon landings it reintroduced for conspiracy theories to
a new audience many of which without a technical understanding would have found
it compelling in its arguments. But the program didn’t offer a reply to be
allegations which included that astronauts and others had died in
mysterious circumstances to hide the so-called truth. This is where the US government and NASA have been their own worst enemy in creating an atmosphere of distrust and
enabling the conspiracies to develop. Things like the Watergate debacle, the
iran-contra affair and the refusal of NASA to talk about the allegations
because they thought they were just too absurd to warrant a reply just helped the
conspiracy theorist arguments. An opinion poll conducted in 1964 marked a high
point for the public belief in the government with 76% of
people saying that they believe that the U.S. government would do what is right most or all of time. By the early
1990’s that figure had fallen to less than 25%. It’s
one thing to create conspiracy theories but you still need people to believe in
them this is where the emphasis moves from a
hoax creators to the believers and evangelizers that embrace and repeat the
conspiracy theories often with little regard for poor and incorrect
understanding of the science that these theories are based on. Belief is the
major component here. There is a basic tenant in psychology in
that once someone firmly believes in something over that be conspiracy theories, politics, religious
beliefs, aliens, ghosts or whatever, no matter what proof is forwarded to the
country it can be almost impossible for them to
change their minds because they want to believe in them and for some it’s to the
point of fanatical hostility when repeatedly challenged. In fact there is a
phenomenon known as the backfire effect where the more aggressively someone
asserts a particular viewpoint with scientific proof like NASA, the more it
pushes the conspiracy believers in the opposite direction and reinforces their
convictions. So why are some people drawn to the alternative viewpoints and others
not. This tendency cuts across age, race,
gender, occupation and political standing. One area does show a difference though
is education. Research carried out by the university of Miami using long-term
empirical data found that people with a high school education were almost twice
as likely at 42% to believe in conspiracy theories of all
types compared to ones with post-graduate degrees at 23%. A recent poll carried out by the Fairleigh Dickinson University showed
that 63% of registered U.S. voters believe in at least one
political conspiracy theory. According to professor of psychology Viren Swami
of Westminster University England “once you believe in one conspiracy theory you are much more likely to believe in
others” Psychological testing has revealed that people are more
susceptible to conspiracy theories if they feel anxiou,s under stress or feel
that they don’t have control over their lives, This is believed to trigger some people
to see non-existent patterns and attribute conspiratorial explanations. Compared to the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s the world is now a very different place. The so-called surveillance society
with its privacy issues leaks about eavesdropping on web browsing and emails,
job uncertainty, poverty, terror attacks and a highly unequal society and living
in a rapidly changing an unpredictable world all contribute to the feeling of
lack of control for great deal more people than it did in the past. The Internet has made things worse in a
way with a world of information both good and bad just a google search away.
The problem here is of “Confirmation Bias” this is the tendency to only believe the
evidence that supports your point of view and the tribalism of people that
occurs on chat rooms, blogs, forums and YouTube channels also helps reinforce
the false information and the “us and them” view of the world. Whilst believing
that you know that NASA faked the moon landings might make you feeling control
it doesn’t actually give you any control. The problem with this lack of faith in
scientific endeavor is where will it take you in the future. To some it seems no matter what NASA or
others might do there will always be some form of hidden agenda and this
negates from the achievements that NASA did 50 years ago and for those which are
still yet to come. Thank you for watching I hope you
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100 thoughts on “A Brief History of Moon Hoaxes – Why do people still believe in them?

  1. I found most people who believe in the Moon landing have little or no Scientific knowledge and poor Mathematical Skills to boot! I remember doing an experiment in a classroom, where we did a mathematical equation in our head, 2 people raised hands with the answer, the popular kid had the wrong answer. Then the teacher asked people who was correct, everyone voted for the popular kid with of course the wrong answer! What does this demonstrate?

  2. People will always pick whats popular, not what is true! I see mathematical problems with both views, there fore the answer lies with the central eye! It is about our consciousness!

  3. Every form of conveyance we have, uses resistance to propel a craft forward. Planes and Jets use the Air, Boats use the Water and Automobiles use the Earth itself. 'Action' interacts with Air, Water or Land to create 'the required 'Reaction' which in turn makes 'Motion' possible. There is no Man-made sustainable powered motion that does not work by these principles. But we are to believe NASA came up with one and used it to send men to the Moon and back? I'm quite sure if one had been constructed it would have been thoroughly tested on Earth before they put men in it and sent them hurtling through space…Where is it, how was it tested and why wasn't it documented with the fanfare it would have deserved? Hmmm……………………………………..?

  4. That poll by the atlanta constitution uses a very weighted question with the attempt to incinuate that it was fake

  5. In light of the recent 50th anniversary I’ve been very intrigued by the stupidity level of the non believers. Flat Earth, fake moon landings…. 🙄 what’s next?

  6. I thought this guy waz going to debunk each one of the many, many…, many inconsistencies surrounding "the Moon issue".

  7. No Crater — No Problem
    Thick dust that remains next to a 6 billion dollar leaf blower — now that's another problem entirely — having a dry mass of approximately 10,000 lbs. at 1/6 gravity of the moon which requires greater than 1670 lbs. of thrust to slow it's descent before touchdown. . yet not sufficient to blow away loose dust that remains next to the landing footpads. . Well, it's finally time to grow up now. . The world is corrupt and there are no conspiracies at hand. .

    Now they're giving us a revised cost for development of the lunar module of only 2 billion dollars in 1960's valuation. Apparently they can hang on to accounting records going back more than 50 years, but not the technology as one NASA spokesman has told us.

    How do you lose the technology of 2” aluminum, acknowledged by NASA as the only shielding carried by the command module? Yet, one of their engineers while describing Project Orion has told us that, “We must SOLVE these challenges before we send people through this region of space” – referring the the Van Allen radiation belts. Apollo had no apparent difficulty in 7 missions that each made a round trip through this region.

    Debunkers are skeptics of nothing and will never question any mainstream narrative. They are a fraud and often a part of efforts in attempt to control public opinion. Sponsored activity on the internet is commonplace today. In a world of corruption, there are no conspiracies.

  8. An Engineer's Holiday
    Only NASA can spend billions to build what came to be the worst possible design as a pressure vessel. Pressure at 5 psi is cumulative over hundreds of square inches that translates into thousands of pounds of force, much of which is concentrated at stress points inherent in the flat aluminum sheet over angular framework. If this was legitimate, a true pressure vessel would have been constructed, while using a light weight high strength material like titanium for a degree of safety. This was an engineer's holiday and no one seems to need the time of day from an appropriate professional to evaluate the complete lack of design for the intended use of this device.

    Update — The reply below tries to imply that the lunar module had cylindrical construction inside, while this was not the case. A google search of images for the lunar module interior can confirm — it was composed of curved and flat panel surfaces that would have required substantially heavier construction in order to contain pressure.

    NASA acknowledges the use of a 5 psi oxygen mixture for the lunar module and suits to maintain the health of astronauts. However, 5 psi multiplied by the area of a sheet of only 24 inches square [24 x 24 = 576 square inches] receives a total force of pressure at 2880 lbs. Flat sheet will have inherent stress points under pressure. Thin aluminum sheet cannot stand up to such stress and this is not a design for use as a pressure vessel.

    Even more apparent is the lack of concern for weight savings. If weight were of prime concern as indicated throughout the program, a proper pressure vessel would be the most efficient weight saving design. Flat panel construction included to contain pressure would require substantially heavier panels and framework. The lack of efficient design means that no actual testing and/or weight requirement was in effect. One or the other was left out of consideration, either of which exposes a lack of necessity in spite of the official account.

  9. Why do astronauts require snorkels for space walks now? They always have an answer for everything. Well they practice moon walks in a pool so maybe just maybe the supposed real walks are also in the pool and why now the reason for the snorkels cause one astronaut almost drowned in space. Believe the government instead of thinking for yourself, cause they’d NEVER, EVER lie to you and they need you to be good little boys & girls. Never mind the billions of tax free money they get every year cause this would NEVER, EVER be what motivates them to lie to you. Would YOU lie for billions? You take their word and they take your money!

  10. The ironic truth is in 1969 we had the technology to go to the moon, but we did not have the film technology to fake it.

  11. The guy who believes the moon landings were a hoax, also believes his wife burned his steak on purpose….
    One of them is true.

  12. The public, correction, an element of the public in the US hate & mistrust their whole government.
    Yes I know we all have problems along those lines but this is off the scale.
    In places the public insist on semi automatic weapons to protect themselves from who ?
    Their own bloody government.

  13. And yet people believe in god, where there is no scientific evidence of it’s existence. The human factor of thinking something is real when it’s not, will never be solved.
    Con artists, politicians rely on it.

  14. We will continue to see such words of assumption – “Conspiracy”, “hoax” and “theory” etc. in the process of addressing or evading any point in an attempt to prop up such assumptions and stand in for legitimate debate of any point. Sponsored YouTube channels and other activity in support in an attempt to influence debate within the forums is commonplace today. In a world of corruption — there are no conspiracies.

  15. To me, the most strange thing is (and probably why there are more and more skeptics) how is it possible that not one single country in over 40 years went back yet?

  16. I just wish the telemetry data and the “technology” to go to the moon hadn’t been destroyed or lost. Because with modern day communications and computer capabilities, better education standards and training, we could go back to the moon and prove those moon hoax theorists wrong. That would silence those uneducated, silly, individuals who dare to question the establishment. I mean, who do they think they are, with the videos of sounds on the moon, and photos of earth appearing as small as the moon, and Van Allen belt radiation, and the petrified wood moon rock and the lost moon rocks. What cheek to question the might and superiority of Americans. I just wish we had the data to show that the temperatures on the moon would not have roasted the astronauts if they were in full sun. I wish we could show how to get perfectly framed photos on the moon with perfect aperture and focus and exposure with preset settings. I just wish …. oh what the heck! Maybe they did fake the whole thing!

  17. Russia and the whole hate America back then was all and still is controlled by the bank cartel I guess you think the banksters would want to fund a trip to the moon or go to war There is no money like war money Only 2nd to nasa money The cia runs the show the nsa is now part of the whole system How to fake anything is possible once we knew how to make a green screen you know Hollywood shit . Those people have actors in which our govt still uses today for fake shit as seen on tv Mind control for the sheep

  18. I changed my thoughts about the moon landing from it was a fake to I’m not educated enough about the subject to make a good call. Could you please make a video about the sciences against/for each side please.

  19. The survey where only 5% didn't believe we went to the Moon demonstrates, that the other 95% didn't question anything, in fact their Egos made them believe it was their personal accomplishment, why would they question anything? But as soon as you question, and have Science available to you. you begin to realize, You have been Hood Winked. Human Nature, people get conned every day because of their Ego's and Greed!

  20. I'm not here to help them prepare! But , I guarantee, even the clown on the street will be equipped more Scientific Knowledge, and naturally will want to have some definitive answers. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we had cameras with much better definition, than you've been led to believe. That stuff was shot on some old cameras looked like the film was from the 1920's!

  21. YouTube has videos of CURRENT NASA scientists saying they have to overcome the shielding for the van allen radiation belts before we can leave earth orbit. Guillible people believe we went to the moon with the junk they said we did lol

  22. The only thing I find suspicious about the moon landing is that the lunar vehicle made the landing from the first time with no errors or disasters which went smoothly.
    They were failing on the ground and near space how in the world they succeeded on the moon from the first time.

  23. More like the astronauts were hypnotized into believing that they actually went to the Moon! I have no idea why people can't see how the astronauts we're being helped by wires, and that 8 inch maybe 10 inch jump done on the moon should have been more like 5 feet. This is the only technological achievement in history that has not been built upon in every way. There's no data or any technical specs on how they achieved this. That right there says everything about the inauthenticity of the moon landings!

  24. 4:46… if this is an authentic photo of the Moon landing. The Earth is completely in the wrong position! Should be at the astronaut's zenith! If in fact they were where they were supposed to have been on the moon! The moon footage is full of wrong Earth positions in the sky from the Moon!! Proof we weren't actually there if you're smart enough to grasp this physics truth.

  25. it's simple to find out , nasa can take a few pictures of moon where they were supposed landed, show us they left behind those moon car other objects.

  26. Then explain how that tiny tin can of a spacecraft kept those Astronauts comfortable through the extreme temperatures on the moon and surrounding the moon?

  27. This is but one of the many debunking fake moon landing videos, but try as we might, there will always be doubters. We need to make some allowances for the immaturity, lack of experience, and piss-poor education of the not-at-the-age-of-reason during NASA's manned space programs that led to the Lunar Landings.  

    The Russians gave me Sputnik1 for my 11th birthday, and, along with my 7 family members, watched her orbit over our suburban Detroit backyard in the early evening October sky. I also remember watching the launches/recoveries of Mercury and Gemini missions on TV screens, sometimes with my family or a roomful of classmates. 

    I was in Junior High when JFK made his famous speech proclaiming our commitment to the Lunar program, and his multi-billion $ congressional financing plan. To pay for it, he asked every American man, woman and child to commit to 50 cents per week.


    In '66 we visited my buddy's uncle in Philadelphia who worked at NASA, and he told us that they were on track to put a man on the moon before 1970. We watched (on my wife's parents' color TV) the Christmas Eve broadcast from Apollo8 as she orbited the Moon. The day before the launch of Apollo11 a GM assembly line co-worker told me that her sister-in-law had wired some of the mission circuits and that her S.I.L. "…sure does hope all of her soldered connections are good."

    So I had spoken to 2 of the 450,000+ people who made the space program possible, and had seen several news reports of the 1,000,000+ people who went to Cocoa Beach to witness the launch. Since I was alive to witness much detailed minutiae of NASA’s moon landing effort, I find it TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE that MILLIONS of people could "conspire to fake" a lunar landing. If such a preposterous charade actually occurred, how is it that NOT ONE of the conspirators has come forward with their "tell-all" book and made-for-TV expose’??

    In addition to the fact that most lunar-landing-deniers were NOT YET ALIVE at the time, we must also appreciate their skepticism. In an age of CGI graphics, which show "superheroes flying & jumping over buildings", politicians and other "important" figures (and animals) being photo shopped to do or say ANYTHING outrageous and unreal, it is easy to account for such adolescent skepticism. Having our sorry-ass excuse for a president labeling anything he does not like as "fake news" emboldens too many of you gullible dumbbells to "make up their own facts."

    The 21st Century is fulfilling Aesculus' theory that "every blessing is accompanied by a curse", in the embodiment of GGI Graphics and the internet. Thus we have; "Hitler, Elvis and Bigfoot having lunch together", "talking animals, motor vehicles and aircraft", "911 was an inside job" "the South won the Civil War", "Government can't do anything right", "Obama's fake birth certificate", Hillary's seizures" and "Pizzagate", along with "alien abductions", "flat earth" and "faked moon landings."

    I am eternally grateful to have lived through such extraordinary times when accurate news, literacy (basic math, spelling, syntax, grammar) and reason REALLY mattered! I am, however, extremely disappointed with the gullibility, skepticism, lack of critical-thinking skills and DILIBERATE ignorance of the 21st Century.

  28. anyone with common sense knows it's a hoax.. this video is an insult to anyone with any semblance of intelligence

  29. Why/how would SIX landings be faked as well as the failed Apollo 13? On the other hand are the theories that the landings were real but just a cover up for a much more advanced space program.

  30. Go to Google and type in Curious Droid. He is a MI7 operative working for the British Department of Disinformation social media division. His real name is A**hole and some say he is a descendant of Aleister Crowley.

  31. A Brief History of Moon Hoaxes – Why do people still believe in them?   Because the Hoaxes are true !!  Anyone who believes man has escaped earth's gravity to go anywhere in "space'" is just plain "STUPID" Take Physics 101 and you will soon learn the reasons (plural) why man is stuck here on Planet Earth. You will also learn, amongst other things, why the Space Shuttle, Space Station and the Moon landings are the biggest deception on the population of Planet Earth !! And finally you will ask yourself, why on earth did I ever believe any of this propaganda, BULLSHIT !! Time to wake UP !!

  32. "Lack of faith in scientific endevour"???
    What an odd phrase…
    When was Francis Bacon's scientific method supposed to involve 'faith'?

  33. There is a more solid reasn for people to have second thoughts about an organization such as NASA that very simply put, THEY TELL LIES.
    There is a new president who to say the least is a bit too much prone to turns of " I,m the greatest.
    The biggest blunder was a statement that he was goingbto start a new branch to dominate space.
    This follows years of saying they do not havs any U.F.O.s that they have stolen by shooting them down regardless of the effects of same on the people inside, but then if they dont have any then therevare not dead bodies or live ones, that being the case why are people threatend not to talk and if that mistakevis made

  34. The main problem is people don't trust their governments. Of course they went to the moon! Everyone cam pick up radio waves if they have the right equipment obviously, the Russians knew exactly where nasa where and what they were doing it was a space race so why would the Russians allow them to take the credit for 1st man on the moon if they knew they hadn't? And because Britain is Greenwich mean time British press released it in British papers before the American press had released it which they weren't too happy about.

  35. Oh yes, yes! We all know we can trust our benevolent government/NASA to tell us the truth about anything!
    And now NASA tells us that they accidentally “lost” all of the data on the “Moon Landings!” – And that’s why they’ve not returned to the moon.
    And then there’s Buz Aldrin who finally admitted in public that the moon landings “never happened.” But, he must have been one of those “crazy conspiracy theorists “ too. Right?

  36. Cannot follow u … Sort of … R not people allowed to question sources?? And come to their own conclusion? Personally cannot see anything wrong with this, as they have produced some damning evidences, the worst 1 is nasa after 50 years says they cannot go back because they have lost all data relating to moon landings, and further they cannot go through the van allen belt, so please sir who is generating conspiracy nut cases? Is it not nasa? Cheers and no hard feelings …

  37. "Go to google and type in “site: Moon hoax” and you get back over 670,000 websites that reference in some way or another that the moon landing were faked or we have never been to the moon at all."
    Not any more…

  38. Why do people believe in the fact the government never went to the moon? Because they did not go. Space, in how NASA presents it, violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics. And, no, they have not solved the mystery to how to get through the radiation belts. NASA was failing so bad that they had to buy the space program from Yugoslavia and later convinced Yugoslavia to kidnap its own people to give over to NASA. Even then, NASA was still failing at figuring out how to get to space. The amount of fuel needed to go to the moon was more than could fit in that flimsy "ship"…
    But, I get it, you gotta have a disinfo video to try and convince people it was all real…

  39. Also, why would anyone want to trust government? It has been in perpetual war for decades. It uses fiat currency with no control over such currency. It does not do an efficient job at at managing resources.
    Again, great job at convincing people that one should believe in government and government would never lie to us…

  40. Apperantly Apollo Can't take them to the moon anymore maybe Drago or Clubber can Rocky was too busy….😂😂😂

  41. "Conspiracy Theorist" coined  by the CIA in 1967 to discredit anyone who didn't believe the "Official Story" of the JFK assassination Both sides have a space propaganda program. Remember the Russian's were kicking our ass in the beginning. Then came NASA, the propaganda division of the "Military Industrial Complex" to save us from humiliation in a cold war. If we went to the moon then why did NASA fake the evidence?

  42. More people believe the lunar landings were faked because I. Q.’s in some parts of the world are drastically declining.

  43. 42 seconds in…? Van Allen radiation belts???? Smithsonian displays the space capsule????? Would not it be RADIOACTIVE?????????????????? Radiation burns! Robots at Fukushima stopped working? Would that not happen the minute the space capsule encountered the van Allen radiation belts! Someone is lying!!!!! Oxygen tanks???? Tight confined room in the capsule! Oxygen tanks?????? How did they breathe????

  44. I believe Jesus used the Saturn 5 rocket to get to heaven. Honest it really happened. It says that in the Bible and the Quran. Really. 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  45. Interesting, this is exacting how one reels in a simple mind by pointing out the ACTUAL EVIDENCE and saying "you see this is perfectly normal." Really??? Thousands of pounds of thrust on a sandy lunar surface and NO CRATER!!!

    But of course how perfectly logical…to a RETARD!

    But not to someone that has been trained to forensically analyze the obvious nor
    to a smart high school kid with at least an average understanding of physics.


  46. Stupidity is rampant these days. And I completely agree with NASA no replying, there is no satisfying these fuck-o’s…

  47. It’s not for saying about conspiration, it’s only seeing lots of things that show it’s a fake.
    So much things are wrong in this story…

  48. I had a good amount of respect for you since I watched some of your scientific Videos. But not anymore I'm afraid. Do you still really want us to believe in the Moon landing?! After all those undeniable facts about the fake missions?! You are one of those betrayers of the science and the humanity sir! Could you please explain to me how on earth NASA has the official photo of so called Apollo 11’s Moon Landing? Could you explain to us how the heck NASA suddenly lost the information and technology of the most important achievement of the Mankind?! I can understand how desperately some scientists are still trying to keep the secret! You think if the whole humanity knows the truth then you will never get enough budget for science and we will be doomed and darkness will be our destiny. No Sir, you are damn wrong. Get your head up as a scientist, come up and tell the world: Yes, we faked the moon landing at the time and that was bad and we learned a lot from it but it’s not the end. With enough trust now and with our 21st century technologies not only we can be successful on landing on the Moon but we can even plan to landing on Mars. This is the Right way Sir!

  49. Hello, you have said NOTHING in your 12.38 video to prove that NASA did ACTUALLY go to the moon in 69. All you've done is suggest that conspiracy theorists are always wrong about things. Can you prove without a shadow of a doubt that NASA did go to the moon in 69, yes or no, if you can, then why don't you do another video to prove this?

  50. I'd like to add something to my earlier comment, what if the conspiracy theorists are right about these moon landings, have you considered that idea?

  51. Inbred hillbillies. Plain and simple. Really though, it's that way everywhere and a lack of education doesn't help. The inner city public schools are a mess. I would never send a child to a public school.

  52. people believing fanatically that we did not go to the moon are the same idiots with those believing fanatically that we did go on the moon…the correct answer is I DONT KNOW cause i haven't seen it.Stop believing in dogmas…you sound really stupid like those guys that believe fanatically on God or those guys that believe fanatically that there is no God!! again the answer is I DONT KNOW! i could be…it could be not…

  53. What if..They did go…They filmed a studio back up in case..Then were only able to show half the real imagery and footage and mixed some bullshit with truth (as usual) and the ensuing conspiracy theories serve nicely to cover the craft they saw on the crator. Just a hunch

  54. Eventually, all, believing the moonlandings happened, will accept the truth. SpaceX missions will reveal the challenges to overcome, like the radiation outside the Van Allen belts, a protective magnetic field, crucial to our existence, enabling biological life, surrounding the earth from early on. NASA's still orbiting the earth at close distance, beneath the protectiveness of the belts.

  55. It is not a conspiracy that nobody went to the moon since , we are told it was special technology that was written on the backs of cigarette packets and is now all lost . If it were possible there would be a scramble to create space tourism etc the money that could be made would be astronomical , but none of this has happened. Only a child would believe such nonsense , or adults with the capacity of children .

  56. No it's not bad science it's lazy idiots who believe in moon hoax. I'm a physician and I'm also interested in the science and technology and engineering required to build the Saturn V. The Science is available in the internet. But when when you r lazy and do nothing but Google search…… That's the cause. It's embarrassing

  57. It’s interesting that at the time we were able to actually go to the moon than faking it because at the time, we didn’t have the technology to fake it but we had the technology to actually do it over faking it

  58. Well one thing is for sure,
    The moon landing is fake.

    Why would you need to prove Its real?

    Only when Its fake.

    There is so much info on youtube and internet how They did it, but nasa got 0% data off the mission.

    They made 8400pictures of the moonlanding.

    In what time did They made that?

    They use some real cheap hoaxes to debunk. And Dodge the real info;)

    Or They come up with “good excuses” after 50years of making up a good story.

    Ever seen the interview, better watch it. Its imbarrasing.

  59. To quote from this video "Belief is the major component here. There is a basic tenant in psychology in that, once someone firmly believes in something, whether that be conspiracy theories, politics, religious beliefs, aliens, ghosts or whatever, no matter what proof is afforded to the contrary, it can be almost impossible for them to change their minds because they want to believe in them, and for some, it is to the point of fanatical hostility when repeatedly challenged". I completely agree with this but think about these words for a moment. People who still believe man walked on the moon will do exactly what these words say! Once a person firmly believes man walked on the moon, despite all the overwhelming proof to the contrary, they can not change their minds because they WANT TO BELIEVE WE WENT! It reminds me of a wise saying… It's much easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled!

  60. Let's not talk about the lack of delay in transmission time when making a "phone call" from the Moon to Houston…I keep getting "Official versions" of Everything on Anything these days in my "recommendations" videos…yes Google/Youtube know best for us all—(we no longer have to THINK for OURSELVES)…and "DON"T ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS" videos are being buried…My own Question…Why use those heavy Lead x-ray absorbing Chest protectors when going to the Dentist for dental x-rays…why not use that light weight x-ray/ cosmic ray absorbing metal they used in the Space Capsule…why not use it in the DENTIST OFFICE? Stupid question I suppose… NASA could make a lot of money selling that X-Ray Absorbing Material to Dentists…. and Doctors as well…Guess no one at NASA thought of that….Look what NASA did for "Tang"…

  61. Best proof for me is the fact that dozens of radio amateurs around the globe were able to listen to the audio transmissions from the lunar landing sites, and that they xoul prove by Doppler effect that these signals really came from the moon, Doppler measurements cannot be faked.

  62. the same bunch that gob every soviet lie and deny every American real achievement.
    0:48 surprise surprise, 1:50 the real ''Hidden Figures"

  63. On Youtube you can find a video of The Dave Brubeck band playing 'Take 5'. The audio and video are excellent. This recording was made in 1965 and some people over the years must of had to transpose it to new formats making it available digitally today. Apollo 11 happened 5 years later AND despite the billions of dollars given to NASA over the years, the moon landing tapes are gone.

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