6 Tips to Scale Your Reselling Business this Year

what’s going on guys today I want to
give you 6 tips that are gonna help you scale your reselling business this year
so tip number one is one that seems to get lost on a lot of people when they’re
first getting into it and that is you need more inventory that doesn’t mean
that you need to go out and source 100k worth the inventory or retail value in
order to start though ok you can start small and then scale slowly as you go
regardless of your sourcing method but ultimately let’s say your goal is 5k a
month in sales well you’re going to need at least 5k month potentially in
products so that people can actually buy that right and you’ll most likely need a
lot more because nobody’s sell-through rate is a hundred percent now if you’re
selling on Amazon then you don’t always necessarily need to source a significant
amount more depending on the business model of course because you can judge
product demand a lot easier and then only source in-demand products that you
know will sell relatively quickly but if you’re selling on the likes of eBay
Poshmark and Macari then the more quality generally speaking at least the
more quality inventory that you have will generally mean more sales and more
profit now the second tip is one that I see a lot of beginners making as well
and that is to not price yourself out of your profit that means if you list
something and it doesn’t sell within your expected time frame don’t get
impatient finding a buyer on these sites is kind of a lot like dating in a weird
way right you might have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince or
princesses as they say now I’d rather be patient me personally and sell an item
for $20 profit for example then be impatient and make $5 profit on that
same item one is a lot better for your business in your bottom line and is a
lot less effort on your part tip number three is to branch out on the platforms
that you’re actually reselling on ok now Amazon and eBay are hands down the best
ok but if you’re listing on only those platforms
you’re really leaving a lot of sales and profit on the table I would heavily
recommend depending on the business models that you’re implementing
obviously to look into selling on Poshmark and Macari on top of those too
as well now there are also some other greats
that you can list on that fit your business or may fit your business or
business models and I’ve outlined 20 of those reselling platforms who they cater
to you know whether I believe they’re worth listing on or not and you can
check that video out if you want to when you’re interested up in the right-hand
corner right now now with that being said listing across different platforms
can be extremely time consuming I totally get that but the good news for
you and me is there are software’s out there that will help us do a lot of the
work for you now this perfectly is a multi channel
listing software that lets you create one listing and then it’ll post it
across different reselling platforms for you instantly not only that it’ll also
manage your inventory and takes old inventory off other platforms once you
no longer have it in stock now you can test that list perfectly for free a
hundred percent just head over to lists perfectly calm and sign up for their
free trial now I’m not affiliated with them at all I just really believe in the
software I use it myself and I know it can help you the next tip is a crucial
one and that’s that it is a lifestyle you need to think a long term and
building an actual business the number one reason people fail in the stock
market we’re really anything for that matter is that they try to day trade
stocks instead of focusing on investing for the long term
same thing with reselling really it’s simple find inventory that’s profitable
list it and then wait for the right buyer to come by when the time is right
it’s not complicated but it does take this plan and the right system so if
you’re stuck spinning your wheels and sourcing products over and over again
but can’t seem to multiply your money consistently you just need that system
that will take all the guesswork out for you and that’s exactly why I offer a
free onboarding consulting session for all my new students so I can figure out
exactly what your situation is what your goals are and what kind of investment
capital you’re working with that way we can get you on the right form or forms
of arbitrage that are right for you and get you off and running quickly it’ll
help you shorten the time between where you are now and successful reseller and
if you’re interested in taking advantage of that onboarding call that comes with
the course you can click the link down in the description to sign up for online
arbitrage Pro that’s the first link in the description
and I’m gonna let three people sign up through that link and get into the
course at 50% off so if you’re serious about this whether you just need some
extra money to pay your bills or if you really want to scale this up into a
full-time income so you can work for yourself set your own schedule and enjoy
the Entrepreneurship freedom that it provides act now now the next tip is to
keep your inventory organized if you’re selling on Amazon through FBA then this
clearly doesn’t apply to you because Amazon will do all this and logistics
for you but if you’re doing your own fulfillment on Poshmark eBay or Macari
this is crucial and I learned this the hard way
so hopefully you don’t have to I’ve spent hours and hours of my life
searching for inventory and for items when I didn’t have an inventory system
not only that there have been countless times that I’ve had to cancel orders
because I literally couldn’t locate that item and for every single platform they
take it very very seriously especially eBay and Amazon so by implementing an
inventory system you’ll save time and protect your selling accounts and I’ve
also made a video documenting my inventory system and how you can
replicate that as well if you’re interested in that link up in the
right-hand corner to that as well the last tip is to do more product research
ahead of time and I repeat this tip almost in every single tip video because
it’s super super important now this mainly goes for the sourcing techniques
where you’re actually spending a decent amount of money in the inventory it
doesn’t necessarily make sense to do it for you know sourcing techniques where
you’re getting free or cheap products so for coupon arbitrage and cashback
arbitrage where you’re buying into inventory super cheap or getting those
free products I wouldn’t really worry about it right then the name of the game
really just becomes more inventory listed more potential profit but if
you’re buying into inventory like wholesale or ebooks or bulk deal with
the intention of reselling on Amazon for example then the most important step is
the product research you want to look at the listing you want to look at the
sales velocity and you want to look at the competition on that listing as well
if you’re a sourcing liquidation to sell on eBay for example then you want to
look into the product demand for that potential brand or that product now you
can do that by going through searching for it initially
and then literally on the side you want to go to sold and complete listings and
see exactly what of that brand and that specific listing or listings very very
similar have sold for you want to look at the amount of sales and the recency
of those sales you also want to check the supply and the competition for that
said product are there a bunch of sellers on the listing for example that
are listing the product a lot lower than you were hoping to then in that case
it’s probably a bad buy so there you have it guys six tips that will help you
scale your reselling business this year I really really hope they helped if you
appreciate any of the tips in this video please give it a thumbs up I genuinely
appreciate it also I’d love to know your best tips for scaling a reselling
business let’s even get some great comments for other viewers down the
description that can help them out as well and with that being said I’ll see
in the next one

6 thoughts on “6 Tips to Scale Your Reselling Business this Year

  1. Using a prep center and VA's saves time on scaling. Using all the selling platforms local and online also helps to move products especially ones that don't sell. Since the local ones don't charge a tax you get 100% of your income

  2. Your camera zoom was in your right hand….did I win a prize!!! Please tell me if I was right! Btw youtube doesn't notify me when you respond to my comment and I have no clue as to why :/ So in one of my videos tell me!

  3. Good morning Bryan, a question for you: I never listed nothing on AMAZON, with that been said, you already know that I am gated on almost category. For the past month, I did buy a very good toy inventory from Christmas clearance but since I'm gated in toys category, would you recommend start selling thrift store books as my first sells?

    Again, thank you for your contents.

  4. Hey Bryan, you should get an affiliate link with list perfectly. It saves you a tons of time and time is money. My main thing is getting the pictures emailing to my computer from my phone because you can not cross list inn the phone but I'm still playing with it not sure if you have any short cut for that yet if so please let me know. Example could I make a template add the photos from the phone then go to the computer and pull them up or how do you do yours

  5. Your videos just keep getting better and better. Great use of the zoom feature and info text displayed as you drop your tips!

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