2019 Student Trustee Candidate – Michelle Chou

There are 124 thousand students across York
Region, four Student Trustee candidates and two future Student Trustees. Now I don’t see myself as only a Student Trustee
candidate but I see myself as someone like you, a student, I can be seen struggling to
get by in Bayview Secondary School’s busy hallways, playing an instrument that’s practically
my size in our music ensembles, running around playing various sports or working on projects
that contribute to the well-being of those in the community. I’ve also worked with students with special
needs, students who don’t know how to speak the English language and those that require
additional inclusivity practices but I’m not just “that” student I am someone who genuinely
cares about the well-being of others around me and this year I’ve taken the initiative
to care for every single student in YRDSB. Hey everyone, my name is Michelle Chou and
I’m running for your future Student Trustee. Now I want to thank you for watching this
video because just by being here today it shows that you care about your education just
like me and I want to acknowledge that between you and I we aren’t that much different because
we share the common identity of a student in this school board. Now I’ve been given the opportunity to represent
this amazing cohort of students across YRDSB including you and that’s why I want to do
everything I can in my power to advocate for you and to project and amplify your voice
to the Board of Trustees because I know as a student it’s very hard to get our voices
heard however I can’t do this without your help and in fact the four of us can’t do this
without your vote so please if you have any questions about the voting process, my campaign
or just me in general please come talk to me because if I’m going to represent you then
we need to have that means of trust and communication. Nelson Mandela once said that education is
the most powerful tool we can use to change the world but imagine how powerful it would
be if we could get every single student in YRDSB to use education as a means to change
our future, thank you.

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