2013 CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement – Razi Scholar Tim Dean Sain

[ Music ]>>When I look back at what’s
helped me become the man I am today it’s education. [ Music ] [ Background music ]>>I know that he came out of a
really challenging background.>>And like myself and many
of the kids and students that we work with was
a child of poverty. His mom was really young when
she had him at the age of twelve so he kind of got to
grow up with his mom.>>Which has been really a
blessing we’re more like friends than we are mother and son. I remember going
to school with her, she actually finished high
school and everything. Having me at such a
young age I was really so really impressed about that.>>Actually he really
didn’t have his dad in his life for a
very long time. So he was kind of fatherless.>>Grandma was like she was
like a second mom to me. She is definitely where
I got my heart from. She used to tell me is the
best thing that you’ll ever do with your life is to
help someone else. So I kind of carry that, kind of
carry that, try to live by that because she showed it. I grew up in a household
with eighteen people, there were eleven kids. My grandma kind of took over
all of the grandkids cause drugs and alcohol and prison ran amuck
throughout all touched almost every one of my family member’s
lives in some way or another. So I guess it was kind of
expected for me you know. They said I would end up there. I was kind of headed
towards there for a while. When I was about fourteen
fifteen years old I started using meth and that
grabbed me into [inaudible].>>And he talked to me about
you know becoming a part of the system and having
his children taken away and doing the very
hard and painful work of doing what he needed
to do to get them back and that was just
the breaking point. We went to rehab, we found out
what our disease was doing. We found out who we were
on our own so we kind of got a sense of identity.>>He hunted up every possible
service that was available to a person in his
circumstances.>>We went through
family counseling and couples counseling
and individual counseling and parenting classes together
and those things really helped.>>Education has
been probably one of the most powerful
forces for him.>>I got to learn how to come and be punctual somewhere every
day and to show up for my life. Chico State’s allowed
me to do that. Allowed me to become
a man you know.>>Having had people I loved
in my life who have struggled with substance abuse,
I think back that Tim overcame his
demons in that area of his life is incredibly
impressive.>>I want to see this
transformation occur for more people and
I really believe that trough Tim more people, more kids in need
will be served.>>If you take the time
to invest in a child, to invest in an adolescent,
to invest in a man, to invest in a parent,
a student at any age and you show them their full
potential, the skies the limit. And again I just think Tim
is the poster child for that.>>I think that it’s the buffers that we provide these
kids in life. You know whether it be a mentor, or a good school teacher,
or a caring parent. Whatever it is it’s all of
these combinations of things that steer that kid down
the right path you know, or that get the kid off the
bad path and I just want to be one of those buffers. [ Music ]

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  1. I had Tim while he attended Garrison Middle School. Tim was a great young man, very intelligent, but heading down a painful paith. Tim's grandmother was a huge influence and took on the overwhelming job of watching over 18 household members.  20 years later, I received a beautiful email from Tim along with this YouTube. My heart is full of joy and I am so grateful that Tim has become the man that he was intended to be. Tim's is the reason why we never give up on our students, we pray for resilience and hope for each one that we serve. Tim's a hero in my eyes, so blessed to be able to see where he has come from and the direction he is moving towards. Priceless.

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