Hello everyone, the little sister who is changing every day is here again! In the idol like the Korean assembly line IU is also a clean stream I first knew that IU was because the boys around her liked her Watched her video The younger sister has thoughts. Love it! It’s no surprise that the boy would like her. From debut to now, IU has composed many songs The released songs are all sensational 11 years, six songs, 14 years, five songs, 16 years, three songs, and the top ten. This is her strength. Are there any medals that are soft? As a singer, I think IU really Did her best at her age I often write my own lyrics and composition albums Very talented singer-songwriter. Very famous is the IU’s three-segment treble The progressive treble sounds are not too perfect. I remember watching the Korean version of 101 A girl has challenged IU ’s three-segment treble The result is also obvious I have to admire IU’s singing ability. IU’s words are all popular music in lyrical aspect No deep meaning But always give us unconsciously A very deep and special lyrics For example, “I don’t understand what kind of heart I gave you.” Many South Korean entertainers make their debut as singers But because of some opportunity to become an actor But the singer’s work will continue For example, IU made his debut at the age of 15, Starred at 17 “Dream High” plays the role of Jin Bishu. From this point on, IU ’s performing arts road became Kangzhuang Avenue Have value and performance skills She has a certain reputation in the acting industry. In “Step by Step Fright: Li”, IU’s acting is amazing. Later, he also participated in “My Uncle” IU plays a girl who lives with her grandmother In the first few episodes she put the evil of humanity against her The world’s disgust is just right The later period is really distressing in the middle of the night It ’s not worth watching TV dramas. This should be the worst mistress since the little sister watched the drama. The tears in my eyes can’t stop flowing when I see it This drama is really strong Amway IU’s acting skills burst into tears and you can’t cry yourself Tell us about her pain. “Druna Hotel” I don’t need to say it Once online, it was touted by netizens The Douban score is as high as 9.4. IU and Lu Zhenjiu’s sense of cp is also full The biggest highlight in the play is that IU’s shape can be called a walking wardrobe. In the first few episodes, I changed dozens of clothes Each set is very beautiful Let the little sister really envy and really want to own her wardrobe! I wonder if you have counted The small expressions and small movements of IU in the play are also making people cry and laugh Although some places are a little scary But I can’t help but like her I ate enough dog food throughout the show. Anyone who knows IU knows that she is really not easy Continue to challenge yourself and prove that you have unlimited possibilities. When my mother graduated from elementary school, my mother helped But the debtor ran away and changed his life She and her brother and grandma were forced to move to a very poor environment Cause the transformation of IU. Later, IU participated in the draft everywhere when he was only 10 years old. Many brokerage companies including JYP refused Finally signed LOEN Entertainment debut. But after she became red, her mother did n’t use her money to pay the debt. I still insist on making money and paying debts No wonder you can teach such a good daughter. I have to talk about JYP here. The talents missed by JYP over the years XIUMIN, Yin Doujun, Lu Xingcai, and so on And now these have become popular stars JYP’s Park Zhenying even regrets missing IU This also confirmed the sentence: once you love to ignore You ca n’t afford it now IU’s success is also achieved through his continuous efforts. Later, IU officially debuted the song “Mier” in a music program Subsequently, two albums were released and quickly gained public attention And what really made IU start to gain popularity on the Internet It’s a super classic song “Good Day” This song caused quite a stir Countless fans of imitation booms that set off “three trebles” throughout Asia Let people notice this thin, cute and powerful IU And won the title of “national sister”! Speaking of our favorite sister Li May have to talk for a long time On the previous IU ’s 10th anniversary special FM There is such a 10-generation child. I hope IU can participate in her celebration. But because of FM The celebration of this fan school is over. In order not to let this fan lose, it was discussed to participate in the graduation ceremony. I met myself at such an important moment How moved is the person who wants to see it most. At the graduation ceremony, IU not only sent fans And graduation blessings from all senior 3 students At the same time, I also sang my own songs for the teachers and students of the school. All the senior three students were also given freesia flowers and cloaks. This operation is really too much Today, the little sister is also a sour lemon. Every time I come to China, I sing Chinese songs, I will sit every time I return The co-pilot waved goodbye to fans, etc. How could you not love such a person? Not to mention boys … I am a girl who likes IU’s inability to extricate herself recently. Look good, even if you are in shape Even if you have a good figure, you can still sing Even if you can sing, even if you have acting skills. How could there be such an excellent artist? There is a disease called “IU disease” Once you get this disease, it will never be cured One of the symptoms: IU songs are in the brain after the concert The second symptom: Brushing Youtube IG for IU Don’t say, little sister is going to brush If you like the video of the little sister, you can click to subscribe to follow Tell the younger sister who you like The younger sister will update everyone with the latest information every day!

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